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"My Lamma Monthly E-zine" #20  (Tue, Apr 1, 2003)

The Varuna sailing training boat under way!
But what's the helicopter doing up there?
To find out, read "Varuna Sailing Adventure"

Table of Contents

  1. Photo Contest Winners

  2. Lamma Cricket Club Wins League!

  3. Varuna Sailing Adventure

  4. Go, Go, Go, Lamma Dragons!

  5. A Flight in the Emergency Helicopter

  6. Hang-ups & Hangovers

  7. Who Would Want to Live on Lamma?

  8. Introducing Local Artists: Marilena!



Welcome to My Lamma Monthly E-zine #20,

featuring Lamma transportation!


For a car-free island we have quite a wide variety of options to move around. Instead of our popular online discussions about individual transport (bikes, skateboards, skatebikes, village vehicles, prams),

we'll focus on the more unusual multi-user transport options on Lamma:

taking a Sunday outing on a sailboat, cheering on the dragonboaters, fighting for late ferries, risking life in a sampan, riding a Lamma mini-ambulance, flying in a helicopter to hospital... it's all in this issue - the biggest ever - and so much more! Read & enjoy!


On the local dining scene, after mentioning the closing of three restaurants in the last e-zine, two have celebrated their re-openings:
Offime re-opening as My Café; and Y2K re-opening as...Y2K, run by two two Westerners now. It has just been redecorated and looks MUCH friendlier/inviting now. Big crowds at their re-opening party on Feb 21, maybe because of the free drinks?

Anastasia's has re-opened last weekend, as an arts & crafts shop (see left), run by relatives of Thai Thai Food (Satay place vis-a-vis My Café), imaginatively named Thai Thai 2.

There are unconfirmed rumours that Holiday Mood in Main Street might re-open very soon as well! Hopefully another tasty addition to our local, quite international dining scene! You can post reviews and give ratings to all these new places. Also, the Best pub on Lamma poll is still active!

Did you register for the Village Representative Elections from Mar 1-21? Living in the same village for 3 years and a permanent resident? You're entitled to vote! After 6 years, you can stand for election as Resident Representative. I've asked a few Westerners to stand, but nobody's been daring and self-confident enough to take on this challenge! This would definitely stir up the sticky mud of local politics...

Another Laudable Lamma Luminary has been granted the great (but unpaid) honour of being made official HK Correspondent for, being featured on their home page. Here's her biography, obviously written by herself:

hong kong @ nite

Multi-coloured hair & floral tattoos, deemed a classy rock goddess by Hong Kong journalists – bbchris grabs at life’s opportunities – one of which is to write about the HK music scene for coolgrrrls.
Living a nearly vegan existence in a meat and money orientated society, bbchris will swing her Fender around town, plus a handy digi-camera to bring you a taste of this fast-paced city. Bbchris conveys an explosive energy when on stage and is the most intimidating HK female musician at present. Having a Chinese mother & English father has truly warped bbchris – one of her Cantonese songs won the "Best Alternative Song" at the 2001 Golden Sail Awards – a local prestigious event organized by C.A.S.H. (Composers Authors Society of Hong Kong) – the local equivalent of ASCAP/PRS etc. – yet all the press could comment on was the leopard-skin bra she was wearing…

While talking about this Luminary, would you like to see a sneak preview of her co. website I just designed, with its amazingly wide range of products (see right)?

But her mother "chanced upon another designer" while I was completing my designs!

So I got scrapped! {Sniffle! Boohoo!}  So, do NOT click on the menu, please!


  One last celebrity news:

Our Official Court Artist of My Lamma was scheduled for an Official Court Visit to Lamma this month from his self-imposed exile in the Philippines.

He still doesn't dare to admit to being afraid of SARS and all my attempts to lure him to Lamma have failed so far. Chicken!

Well, I'll just keep posting embarrassing pictures of him (see above left, copied from his own website), till he gives in and graces Lamma with his most welcome artistic, articulate, artificial, artsy-craftsy presence again!


Last but not least, please suggest more local "celebrities" for future e-zine interviews! All kinds of feedback & creative submissions (text, photos, art) are, as always, most welcome!

Good health wishes Lamma-Gung-Gong Bing-Bong


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E-mails to the Editor

Nelsa  (new member):

It's really amazing that the Lamma ppl has such an excellent network!

k@  (ex-Lammaite & "Lamma Oldsters" moderator):

I think your e-zine is fine as it is.
I will try to think of some gimmick for the site but nothing is jumping out at me just now.

webdog  (Site Admin):

The long awaited e-zine shows you haven't been sleeping all these days.
Well dotted with interesting pictures and witty comments.
Great work!



The Stick Insect Hunter
(being announced as Official Court Artist):

What can I say. I am flattered. Thank you.
I'll try to whip up Dan's caricature right away.
I don't want to flunk my very first job.
I am perfectly happy with my title.

La Miglione
(Moderator of "Hang-ups & Hangovers"):

i think it is a very useful contribution for anybody who is trying to follow the web page and can use your ezine as a sort of red threat, and i admire and applaud you for doing this sort of summing up which i never could.

BBChris  (Miss

No one would be upset if there was no ezine btw..... I think it's kind of a low priority for people.... I thought this week's headline was great "DanKwaiFong - Bastard or Tycoon" hahahahahahhahaha

La Brasileira:

Je voulais juste te feliciter pour ton site, tes photos qui sont superbes.


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Best of the Month




A very fashionable local resident. Guess who? (Click for a close-up!)
I'm planning a Lamma Fashion feature and this is the first supermodel parading down our very own catwalk: Main Street! You're most welcome to submit "fashionable", cool and especially uncool pictures of your friends & foes...




Nolie G: She contacted My Lamma looking for friends of her late father, DJ Neil Gordon, "Scottish Neil", who died under tragic circumstances last June on Powerstation Beach. Several people responded, even sending her mementoes and DJ mixes on CD in her father's memory.

Did YOU know him well?  Left, a view from his favourite spot. Nolie might visit Lamma later this year from her home in Scotland.


Topic #1


The #1 topic in this town "gripped with panic": SARS/atypical pneumonia - how bad is it really?).

Instead of joining the general panic, I'll focus more on the lighter side of SARS, see below.

Despite two false rumours (I've checked them out), North Lamma is still a SARS-free zone. Knock on wood!









(Above: DIY tips for free, recycled

facemasks, from e.)

(Right: guess who?)

(Below right: new Avatars for e and webdog)


  Above: "No half measures for Lamma regulars"

Customers and staff at the Spicy Island bar in Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, joined thousands across Hong Kong taking precautions to keep the pneumonia bug at bay - in their own way. It was business as usual for landlord Kumar Binney, and customer Tom Jamieson (left) wasn't going to let a health scare come between him and his cigarette.
"I'm wearing the mask because I prefer not to take any risks. Anyway, the cigarette tastes better like this. Drinking my pint's a bit tricky though, but practice will make perfect," he said.
(report and photo: Steve Cray, SCMP, 29 March, 2003)

The last word on this fearful-but-often-silly topic, from our famous Paparazzi reporter:

webdog  (Anybody caught some rice from Parknshop?):

The question is have any of you caught some rice? I would congratulate if you do,
because it proves the following:
  1. You are well informed of the latest breakouts, in a timely manner.
  2. You have a friend (yes, how nice!) who cares for your well-being.
  3. You are healthy, because otherwise you wouldn't be strong enough to carry 20 kgs of rice and 100 cans of luncheon meat, not to mention the bulk packs of salt and sugar.

  4. You are brave and determined, highly mobilised and always prepared for the worst.


Topic #2

The 2nd major conversation topic during these fearful days is the horrible, unjust Invasion of Iraq, of course.
Here's a live counter of actual Iraqi Civilian Casualties, plus their bulletin board,
all part of the very comprehensive Iraqometer.
Many of our very knowledgeable, engaged members have been discussing online extremely passionately: The War and Should the US disregard the UN and attack Iraq? and It's the US$, stupid!!!



(Digital photo above courtesy of:
Apple Daily photographer Yeung Yat Fan)

A massive, 4-full-pages feature "Leisure Trip to Lamma" was published in the Apple Daily newspaper on Sat, 29 Mar. Contact me for a copy of this Chinese feature.

It focused on "Quality of Life", featuring the "Best of YSW", interviewing many local celebrities like Farmer Eo, Green Cottage Ron, Diesel's Moloy, Nadia (from "Nadia's"), Ms. Cake Express Shelly, Ken The Bookworm and our Unofficial Mayor Nick The Bookman. Besides promoting his books & moving businesses, Nick managed to get his e-mail address and website highlighted in his large section, causing all-time record traffic to!  Expect even more local tourists to flood onto our shores soon on weekends!


Plus, a German filmcrew was moving through YSW Main Street on the same day, filming an episode of the very popular German soap opera "Das Traumschiff" (The Dreamboat). Here you can see them filming a kissing scene and relaxing afterwards in the Lamma Bistro, after I practised my German on them.

Their ultra-luxurious cruiseship left our harbour on Sat night, continuing its journey around the world for this TV series that has been running for about 20 years. Last time they were in HK, a few years back, it was for Chinese New Year...




As always, all your contributions are most welcome for future e-zines: photos, multimedia, gossip, stories, ideas, all charitable & good causes, crazy & serious stuff, anything

goes, as long as it's somehow Lamma-related! E-mail me!



The Stick Insect Hunter
(a romantic poem for his beloved Mac laptop):

Hey my computer didn't recognize me anymore.

I swear I don't have another computer besides it.

Well actually I do.

I have 8 computers but this my favoured and it knows it.

I do all my cybersex on this one.

It's so cute. Mac titanium, very slim very sexy.




Way too many flames & personal attacks on My Lamma this month! I'm discontinuing the "Best Flame" topic, as we've decided to follow the old bulletin board wisdom of ignoring flamers:

"Don't feed the trolls!", as they'll bite you anyway!


Website Intensive courses for learning to play the piano, located in Main Street. It has a great Q&A about many of the usual excuses for not learning a musical instrument: "I'm too old, unmusical, tone-deaf, busy, don't like exams,...".


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Let's start with a few recent events you might have missed, but might want to look out for the next time they happen:


Mar 15, 9pm, Island Bar: Gaelic Gall:
We expected them to perform in the same costume as on the poster, but it was a bitter disappointment! Fine & happy music, but all the Gaelic lads were fully dressed! False advertising!

We were hoping that the Island Bar would start up a Ladies-only Night with a male striptease performance, like Diesel's sell-out fun event a few months ago...

In the meantime, Aroy Thai has started a Ladies-only pool Night every Tuesday! Any Full Monty planned, male strippers dancing on top of your nice pool table (see left), Mr. DanKwaiFong?

On a related topic: some photos of real Naked Chefs, submitted by BBChris!

Mar 16, 7pm: outside Green Cottage: Candlelight Vigil for Peace in Iraq:

It didn't work out, unfortunately, but it's the thought that counts...

Mar 17-18, 5-7:30pm, YSW Ferry Pier:

Meet the Passengers:
This was a most interesting event where the ferry company was soliciting the opinions of us regular passengers. HK & Kowloon Ferry sent 4 youngsters, who did their best urging passengers rushing off the ferry to fill in the detailed feedback form ("How are we performing?"), but only rarely succeeding.

Picking up Lamma-Por from the evening rush hour ferry, we filled in the form diligently, rewarded by "refreshments", expressing our top urgent desire for late ferries.

Maybe BBChris' A Petition to have Late Ferries Back To Yung Shue Wan has a chance to be considered after all. Many people voiced the same urgent wish. Maybe we can get a late ferry added to the ferry schedule? They ran a late ferry at 1:45am on Feb 1 (Lunar New Year). Send them e-mails to express your wishes!


Still on the same topic, on the late ferry a few days ago, there was music & dancing on the upper deck! Two local lads, Frazer McGilvray & Dave May from Gaelic Gall (see poster above right), were belting out happy Irish tunes on guitar & fiddle! But still fully dressed!

Our (in)famous Bob Davis was witnessed to have been dancing, even though he doesn't seem to remember much of it anymore... As a professional photographer and official judge in the My Lamma Photo Contest, he shot some B/W pictures (see right). The passengers enjoyed this wonderful free entertainment, in the true spirit of "Peace, Love, Laughter, Lamma"! Such fun & free performances should be fully supported & promoted by the ferry company, don't you agree?


But what do YOU do when you miss the last ferry? Take a sampan from Aberdeen, of course! Like these two late-night party animals (photo submitted by the Lady-in-Red) who GOT BUSTED ON A SAMPAN LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! and had their id cards checked, looking like II's?


Did you know that the going rate is about $100-150/person, depending on your language & negotiation skills?
Did you also know that there was a sampan accident about a year ago, from Aberdeen to Pak Kok? The sampan got too close to one of these massive container ships, capsizing the sampan and the Ah-por steering it. Fortunately, no passengers and no serious injuries. It wasn't the first time that an Ah-por steering a sampan fell asleep...

Mar 29th, 9:30am, beach behind Po Wah Yuen (Nga Kau Wan):

Tree maintenance in the "Lamma Forest". More about this forest and the ABLE Charity who planted it in the next e-zine:


"Tree maintenance involves clearing dead branches and fallen wood from amongst the trees, some pruning, some mulching, some fertilizing (food for the trees) and the ever present possibility of picking up rubbish and other alien debris... We will be joined by a small group of students and teachers from the KGV school."

March 29, from midnight till dusk, Powerstation Beach:

Free Fresh Air Party (see left): 12 DJ's at this month's beach rave party!





March 31, Emily's Ice-cream Parlor: Lamma Celebrities Contest ends.
For a small donation to UNICEF you could cast a vote for one of Emily's 16 "Lamma Celebrities"! (Click on the poster above to enlarge it).


The contest has ended now, but donations are still very welcome! So far over $500 have been donated! The leading celebrities 2 weeks ago were our local version of "Charlie's Angels"!

4 April 2003, Concert at Fringe Club



  Fri, Apr 4 & 18, 10:30pm,

  Fringe Club, Central,

2 Lower Albert Rd, HK Island: Thinking Out Loud. BBChris: "For those of you who fancy showing off your designer face masks, pop down to the Fringe for our April Fools gig."


Sat, Apr 5, gravesites all over Lamma:

Ching Ming festival: Fire Watch Patrols: volunteers needed!

Bobsy  (Bookworm Café):

ABLE CHARITY has been organizing "fire watch patrols" twice a year since the big fires of 1998.. on one day alone in 1998 there were forty (40) fires sweeping across lamma island including the fire that burnt several hundred baby trees up at the "lamma forest".


Saturday the 5th of april is the "ching ming" festival, the first of the traditional grave sweeping days. the second is the "cheung yung" in october. on these days the chinese community visit their ancestors' graves and tend to them, they also burn paper money and incense and in dry conditions this coupled with a bit of neglect can cause some serious fires...


since we started patrolling and together with the rising awareness amongst the people and the government efforts the number of fires has dropped quite considerably. in fact last year there was only a handful of small fires on lamma. this is a great improvement but we cannot afford to drop our guard especially around the "lamma forest" area.


ABLE CHARITY is seeking volunteers to help patrol on the day. if you are willing and able please email us at: or phone us on 2982 6994 to register.


what you will need on the day:

water for drinking and perhaps some snacks.

a hat and suncream if hot and sunny.

a mobile phone (essential).

sturdy shoes and some strong long trousers like jeans.

a pair of binoculars (if possible) will be handy.

but above all what we really, really need is RAIN!!!

keep your fingers crossed.

(2 photos courtesy of ABLE Charity)


Sat, Apr 5, 3-4pm, outside Public Library:

Talk on Atypical Pneumonia  (HK Medical Association, Cantonese/English)


Sat, Apr 5, 4.30-6.30pm & Sun, Apr 6, 3-5pm, meet at Public Library:

Lamma Dragons training:

New members most welcome for a free try-out session! They train every weekend, same time; *real* men, contact Oliver @ 9139 7305, *real* women, contact Claire @ 9123 1614!  Click for more details!

Apr 16, 2003, Central Pier Number 4, meet at YSWan Pier at 7:45am:

SPCA Spaybus

e (Lamma Animal Protection):

Charges: Cats: Male $100, Female $200
Male Dogs: under 30kg: $200, 30kg or over: $300
Female Dogs: under 30kg: $300, 30kg or over: $500

If you have pets that need to be fixed at the April Spay Bus, please give us a call at 2982 4018 or e-mail Bookings are essential. If you need to work and can't bring or pick up your pets to/from Central, we can arrange volunteers to help.
Having said this, of course we would also need volunteers to help. Do call us either if you need help or if you can help. Please also tell your friends on the island about this.


Apr 19, Island bar: Dragonboating Bric-a-Brac:

Watch out for posters soon asking for donations.


Apr 21, your e-mail inbox:  My Lamma e-zine #21!

Apr 24, public pier (NOT ferry pier!):

Tin Hau festival & Dragonboat races

The public pier has been reserved by Mr. Fong Loi, Chairman of Rural Committee of North Lamma, for this happy festival. Left: Chinese Opera tent being built.

More details & photos in next e-zine, but YOUR pictures about this festival, and other Lamma events, would be most welcome! Send them to me!


May 3, Island Bar: Dragonboating Fund Raiser:

Yearly party with raffles, etc. to raise money for the team.


May 9/10: ABLE Charity tree planting:

More details and a full feature on ABLE in the next e-zine...



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About My Lamma


This is issue #20 of the My Lamma e-zine!

In just a few months, this non-profit e-zine has grown from a quick text-only 1-page e-mail to the current 10+ full-colour pages (printed out). It was so much work, but so much fun as well!


Click on Back-Issues for all former issues (on the yellowish navigation bars seen all over the e-zine).


We've also just reached over 1,000 unique, distinct readers of this e-zine since I started counting them in issue #14! Reasons for celebration?


Nick's feature in Apple Daily last Saturday caused major, all-time-high traffic on our website, tripling our daily number of visitors and pushing it beyond 10,000 hits/day for two days.


Apple Daily listed Nick's website address in the printed and online newspaper. This caused hundreds of additional visitors to Nick's website which I built and hosted on:; totaling almost 1,000 visitors to Nick's website in March alone!


Most visitors on ever:

464 on Mar 28,

2nd most: 406 on Mar 29

(see chart on the right)

  1. Photo Contest Winners

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    Public voting for the My Lamma Photo Contest has closed on Feb 17. Thank you very much to all the participants, judges & voters! Here are the lucky winners and their amazing photos!


    Many thanks to our SPONSORS (all local companies!) donating the great prizes listed below:

    ToughDomains Compunicate!,  Lamma Bistro,  Island Bar Lamma Gourmet Tropicana


    Category First Prize  (click to enlarge)   Prize Sponsor  (click for links)
    Scenery Day


    Andrew Pearsons

    Webhosting 1 year ($1,620)

    Tough Domains
    Animals Title:
    Six Dogs

    Sheila McClelland

    5-page Website ($888)

    DickStock 2002

    The Stick Insect Hunter

    Meal voucher, incl. drinks ($500)

    People Title:
    Redux 1


    Bar tab ($500)
    Scenery Night Title:
    Mid-summer 1

    Timothy O'Rourke

    Special Effects Title:
    Power-station 3

    Timothy O'Rourke

    10 breakfast sets ($200)


    There'll be a physical, offline exhibition of all winners in the Island Bar, starting on Easter!
    See our Winners Gallery for all winners, incl. runners-up (see some below). Contest Details


    Personal comments from the sole organiser, myself:

    1. A lot of great photographic talent is living on Lamma Island, not just well-known professionals, but also very talented and experienced amateurs. But most of them are shy and reluctant to show their best photos in public...

    2. Finding the sponsors for the prizes was much easier than I expected. Nobody turned me down and all agreed to become sponsors quickly, in exchange for promoting their businesses, of course!

    3. Organising a contest like this is an incredible amount of work. Hundreds of e-mails, dozens of hours chasing contributors, sponsors and judges, days of processing the many entries for the various web pages (previews, judging, Winners Gallery, e-zines, printouts for exhibition).

    4. The winners are a very shy lot, not wanting to show their faces on, several wanted to stay anonymous! Some had to be chased for weeks to select & accept their prizes in person.

    5. The most valuable prize ($1,620 of web hosting) was graciously donated to a charity by Andrew Pearsons! Thanks!

    6. The Island Bar tab was "donated" to one of our official judges (no, I didn't call the ICAC!) just before the winner left HK.

      This winner was actually banned THREE times by the Island Bar for misbehaving, long ago, when he used to play the "evil Gwailo" in HK movies. He sent me this cynical but eloquent & amusing e-mail about the contest's Special Effects category:

      "...the medium is denigrated by itself and it is pervasive. commonality devalues the act. the only high form is commercial, and zztopz hairballz r about as commercial as... a sidewalk lending library, capiche[?]
      what is left is 2 b humorous, and the most amusing is the detritus clogging the shores of yung shue wan. of weirdos speak editorially,..."

  2. Lamma Cricket Club Wins League!


    Did you hear about the AMAZING success of the Lamma Cricket Club recently?

    Cathi  (Lamma Bistro) alerted me about this great story:

    Talking of prize winners did you know Lamma Cricket Club have just joint won the HK Saturday League, beating various KCC and HKCC teams, this in an incredible achievement, yup the boys done good..........

    in fact fucking incredible and well worth a mention on your site, as very few people even know Lamma has a cricket team, let alone such a glorious one !!!!


    Yes, I agree fully and couldn't have said it any better myself. Congratulations to the winning team from all of us at My Lamma! They were even featured on a full page in the Town Crier magazine! Here are some of the photos & excerpts from the text, re-published with friendly permission from the editor:

    "OUTLYING OVERS"  (from the March 2003 issue of Town Crier)

    Famous for its giant-killing dragonboat crews, Lamma Island is also making waves in the world of competitive cricket.

    LEIGH POWELL reports.

    Saving the waterfront village of Yung Shue Wan, at least temporarily, from the cement dumper truck is not the only cause for celebration on Lamma Island. Lamma Cricket Club has just won the Hong Kong Cricket Association Saturday Perrier League, although it had to settle for a share of the spoils as St George’s recorded an identical season, winning 12 of 16 games, with one match rained off.

    The table-topping feat is a far cry from the team that propped up the league in its first season in 1996 and the island where the only cricket facility - a hastily constructed net on a Yung Shue Wan reclamation site - was torn down as an ‘illegal net house’.

    Team Spirit

    Club secretary and founder Ian Harling said: “Most of Lamma is too hilly to have a cricket pitch. And what areas of flat land there are tend to be farmland.” So just how did Lamma win the league? According to team captain Brad Tan, it was down to the sort of team spirit and determination the campaigners had when demonstrating to defend the waterfront restaurants and bars frequented so often by so many of the players - including the Island Bar, which supports the team each year. The delighted skipper said: “As an independent side, one without a playing ground, we have got a lot of heart because we play as a team. No one plays for themselves and that’s why we won.” Harling added: “When we first got started in 1992, as a bit of a rag-tag affair organised in a pub, I never imagined that the club could be what it is today. We have gone from being just a social team to being a winning social team.’’


    During its brief history, Lamma C.C. has been graced by several of Hong Kong’s international cricket stars, including Saleem Malik, Mohammed Zubair and John Storey. But as Tan is first to admit, the signing this season of arguably Hong Kong’s premier all-rounder, Butt Hussein, was a key factor behind Lamma’s success. Of Lamma’s leading bowlers, Shabbir Ahmed took 20 wickets and Alister McMillan 18.

    Lamma is currently looking for a title sponsor for next season. Anyone interested should contact Ian on 2521 8081.

  3. Varuna Sailing Adventure

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    Many of you might have noticed the "rust-bucket" sailboat outside Nga Kau Wan beach (behind Po Wah Yuen).

    On a friendly invitation from our member Soundbydesign, I went out for a great sail on Feb 23:


    They forewarned us landlubbers that there "might be a little sheet winching, tacking and jibing involved". But as we greenhorns had NO IDEA what any of these terms meant, so they took advantage of us! They forced all of us (even the girls!), under threat of having to "walk the plank", into hard labour! With my tender, soft geek hands I had to help raise the four heavy sails, winching and cleaning off mud & barnacles from the 100ft long anchor chain, scrubbing the deck, etc.


    It was all so, so...analog! Nothing digital at all on this ship; old wood, rusty iron, wet ropes, cold beers, great company, wonderful! My back and knees were hurting for days; even at home I still felt like the floor was rolling to the left, to the right, to the left... icon_surprised.gif


    My heart-felt thanks to Captain Marc and the merry crew of the Varuna for a great trip and a fun, fascinating & educational experience! When's the next trip?


    But as my national sailing team Alinghi won the America's Cup races in New Zealand a few days later, maybe even coming from a landlocked country might not prevent me from becoming a great sailor someday...NOT!


    Photo gallery from my Varuna trip  (click to enlarge):

    A few more, but much better photos from Mr. DickStock:

    On the right
    , you can admire a daring passenger prove his mast-climbing prowess on the royal flagpole of Soundbydesign's palatial, sumptuous residence on top of Po Wah Yuen.


    Soon after my own trip, Varuna has been sailed (see Mr. DickStock's photos above) to Macau and then towed to a Guangzhou dry-dock. She'll be "de-rusted" & painted in 6 layers, "to return to our shores in re-fitted splendor" (quoting insomniac). For your own trip, see the "super-happy" crew call below, with some very "creative" punctuation & formatting:

    Soundbydesign Tentative Call for Crew:

    ::::::::::::;STOP PRESS::::::::::::::::PRESS GANG:::::::::::::::


    .......end transmission...... G.. ;0)
    icon_rolleyes.gif icon_lol.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_lol.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_lol.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_lol.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_lol.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_lol.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_lol.gif icon_rolleyes.gif

    Meanwhile, The Stick Insect Hunter, living in The Philippines, couldn't hide his petty jealousy about all our fabulous trips and posted this menacing Lamma photo-montage, captioned:

    "We sent this ship to take care of all of you muesli eating pacifists on Lamma."


    But then, in the usual meandering & digressing way of so many online discussions, pit replied that he "didn't know they'd been phighting the phlatulent philandering phoreign swaines in the Philippines for that long.", commenting on Mr. Hunter's infamous "Woolly Farting Swans".


    Then Mr. Hunter started to brag that "Business hasn't been too bad, so I thought I can allow myself a new condom." pit called it, very appropriately & eloquently, "A multi-purpose recyclable brain phart collector cum flu virii deflector!". There's simply NO ESCAPE ANYWHERE from SARS & face masks these days! But this e-zine is well-protected from ALL infections, even computer viruses (or virii, as pit would call them in proper Latin). But all these shenanigans cannot hide the sad fact that Mr. Hunter is STILL too chicken to come back to Lamma! But I'm starting to meander & digress...


    Still wondering why there was a helicopter hovering over the Varuna in the cover picture of this e-zine? Well, it's just a doctored image, about an emergency helicopter rescue from the Varuna under full sail. But it's too late now for April Fool's jokes...or is it?


    More Varuna news, background & future trips in What is that huge ship doing in the harbour?

    Follow the further brave adventures of the Varuna & her most valiant crew on her very own brand-new website:

  4. Go, Go, Go, Lamma Dragons!

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    It's this time of year again, the Tin Hau festival is approaching & the dragonboating season has started! On most weekends, you can see our our energetic paddlers train for future victories!

    Del Boy  (call to action in 2003 Season):

    Dust off those cob-webs, lose that beer gut and get in that boat! I've been training in Bristol in sub zero temperatures, what's up with ya!.

    Look forward to those aching muscles, sore bums and post training hangovers.

    Look forward to the tension of the start the rush of racing and the elation of finishing and the euphoria of winning!

    All the best for the coming season, sorry I can't be there, keep me posted.

    Go go go go LAMMA!


    For all details on the 2003 Season (Training, Membership Fees, Competitive/Social, Teams, Races, Sponsorships, Fundraising, Committee, Women's Team, Men's Team): Lamma Dragons 2003

    Looking for some good pictures of the 2000 season?  LOTS of pictures from the 2001 & 2002 seasons will appear in the next e-zine and on the official Lamma Dragons bulletin board on, moderated by the women's team captain Claire and the "website liaison" Luciene.
    (Pictures, except top right, supplied by Lamma Dragons)

  5. A Flight in the Emergency Helicopter

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    In the last e-zine I signed off with "...maybe one of our cute mini-ambulances has come for me, transporting me to the loony bin..." I should be more careful what I wish for, as I got to ride one of our "cute mini-ambulances" recently, to the Powerstation helipad, and then via helicopter to Queen Mary Hospital!


    On Feb 20 morning, my wife's heart started to race for no apparent reason, at an estimated more than 200 beats per minute, and nothing could slow it down. In the Northern Lamma Clinic, after an ECG, they ordered the emergency helicopter right away.


    But it took us almost an hour to get to the hospital, because of the many transfers involved: mini-ambulance (surprisingly roomy inside!) to the great HK Electric powerstation helipad (25 mins, see below, shot from the Varuna, 3 days later), helicopter ride by the Govt. Flying Services to Admiralty's old Tamar site (less than 10 mins, but what a view!), transferring to a regular ambulance, through rush hour traffic to the hospital in Pokfulam. Fortunately, not life-threatening (Supraventricular Tachycardia), but let's hear her tell it in her very own inimitable words, answering to our worried friends:

    Lamma-Por  (e-mail to e, 1 day later):

    icon_biggrin.gif Here's Lamma-por!

    Thank you for your msg.

    icon_cool.gif It's such an experience! What if it is really critical? I thought I was taken by helicopter directly to Queen Mary, instead, they just made it in Fenwick helipad and then an ambulance to QM. But hey, it's like ER in the TV series, medical people are standing by in the helipad and transporting me from one stretcher to another and then by the time reaching QM, people make way (like Chan Po Chu lai lah!!) and I was immediately admitted straight into ........ whatever. I got blood testing, an IV which is a tube placed in my vein for giving medicine or liquids. It will be capped or have tubing connected to it. Numerous ECGs. Stayed in an Observation Room for observation. Anyway...

    icon_idea.gif I know very well the reason behind the cause: working non-stop from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., frustration at work, upsetting on dirt-cheap hourly rate I got for this job, worked for 3 days only and already couldn't sleep at night....

    icon_redface.gif The ordeal lasted just a few hours, and so here I am, talking as loudly as ever before.

    Two days later, Mar 22, there was a public Helipad Community Consultation Meeting in our "town hall", besides the police post, the so-called "Lamma North Rural Affairs Committee Building".

    Amazing timing! By now I was highly motivated, of course.


    This was my first-ever public consultation meeting, supposedly discussing potential locations for a new helipad, close to our Clinic. This would avoid the long ambulance ride to the Powerstation helipad, potentially saving lives in emergencies!


    Read all about this very disappointing meeting, my follow-up with Civil Engineering Dept., plus a passionate discussion on this very controversial topic in New Helipad Here's the final Helipad Community Consultation Report and some feedback from other meeting attendees:

    Tobias Forster
    (Secretary of ABLE Charity):

    Alex Chan
    (Chair, Citizens Party):

    ABLE Charity, the local environmental group has been actively involved in the proposals for the development of Yung Shue Wan harbour since 1994.

    It is only in recent years that the Hong Kong Government has indicated that it would place the themes of public participation and sustainable development higher up the agenda in the design process. Therefore we were excited to attend a Community Consultation to discuss the various location options for the Helipad.

    But during the meeting it was a shame to find that there had only been a detailed analysis undertaken of one of the possible four Options. In many respects there was no intention to seriously assess the feasibility of choosing any of the other three locations.

    Therefore, the Community Consultation was in fact just another Public Meeting to inform the public of decisions that had been made behind closed doors. It only provided a "veneer" of community involvement..

    ... Presently, there is a lot of vacant land on the Phase I reclamation. If you need to identify a site for a temporary helipad, could some of the land on Phase I be available for us.


    For example, the proposed sewage treatment plant will not be built until late 2004. That is one ideal place to putting up a temporary helipad for the community use immediately...

  6. Hang-ups & Hangovers

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    "Through exploring the sordid discover the sublime."


    This sublime motto is the motto of our new forum Hang-ups & Hangovers", managed by our new moderator, a mysterious, intriguing intellectual naming herself La Miglione.

    She's become by far the most active message poster on My Lamma these days, even beating myself, but only because I'm taking a "sabbatical" from posting messages these days...

    Who is she? Several clever members have discovered her secret identity. Her frequently changing Signatures & Underblurbs kept us all guessing! But dim-witted Lamma-Gung was so slow in figuring out her true identity! Sorry, I'm forbidden to tell you, but she looks a lot like her Avatar (left, in a modified VV)!  icon_lol.gif


    Just one more hint: If you'll ever have the great honour, privilege & pleasure of being invited to a Champagne brunch in her great flat ("Under 14 cats and one very bad dog"), then these culinary delicacies might be served (see above right).

    She's also made a rare personal appearance at webdog's housewarming BBQ Party recently (see below). Everybody at that fun party was a member. La Miglione's left HK now for a long trip, expanding her business empire internationally, as her name suggests (The Millionairess, from "il milione" in Italian icon_lol.gif). But her new forum remains open for business & fun, of course!

    La Miglione  (forum introduction for Hang-ups & Hangovers):

    ...But you know how it goes, pride of office has corrupted nobler souls than mine. So this forum is now officially in business.

    I want it to be a platform for all the other lost souls with a vengeance I know must be out there, and we can discuss anything that comes to a likewise mind, my general picture is described in the subtitle:
    fiddling around with all the sordid and ugly that so fascinates us in order to push the limits of our human knowledge about what on earth we are doing in this weird place.

    You can write anything you want (make a new thread though, or pick one of the non sticky ones to jump in on), and I would only censor those manifestly criminal entries that are too low-strung to be of any use to a real stylish hang-up.

    This forum is the only one except the Personals where you can post anonymously, it seems. Just keep in mind that if you chose to do so, this will not cut any ice with me for yourself, instead the generated energy might well end up furthering the ends of a totally unrelated individual.

    I might need to issue a warning that I will also write some fairly academic stuff in here on occasion. If that really turns you off, remember it is ok to think about England during those, as I have already found myself forced to say to one of my new gentleman friends that I picked up recently.

    Join her new, intriguing, intellectually stimulating topics, for example:


    aint got time to make no apology

    Younger eager amateurs

    Be my Thesaurus darling

    IS that mailbox getting busy

    Some kind of tragedy

  7. Who Would Want to Live on Lamma?

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    Quite a few people have been enquiring on about life on Lamma and if it's a good environment in general for families? What are the ups and downs?


    One of the organisers of last month's HK International Literary Festival, had been dissing Lamma (and its artists) severely in an SCMP interview:

    "Artists are almost always margin dwellers economically, but here you have to live on Lamma or something, and that seems like a severe price to pay for wanting to pursue your craft, with respect to the good people of Lamma."

    It reminds me of another old, cliché-ridden column in the SCMP, "Is there life on Lamma?", which I'll be republishing in full in a future e-zine feature about Lamma's past, 10 years ago. Any survivors from that ancient era of history, please contact me with your tall stories!


    Here are two great, tongue-in-cheek messages, listing many of the facts & prejudices against our island. All of this helps to keep the local population at pretty constant levels - which is just the way many people here seem to like it...

    webdog wrote in Mortgage on Lamma Island property

    Alan wrote in Lamma for families?

    There are several reasons most Hong Kong people wouldn't want to live on Lamma, no matter how desperate they are:

    1. There are too many dogs wandering around in the street.

    2. It's too far from work, unless they work on HK island.

    3. There are no overnight ferries. In other words, no late-night drinking, Majongg till 3am, karaoke, rave parties, discos, mid-night noodles....

    4. There are no Park'n'Shop or Wellcome shops on Lamma.

    5. Living on Lamma means good-bye to your three other legs of your accustomed Majongg table. And you don't want to play Majongg with the Lamma villagers who are playing at 1/100th of your usual speed. In other words, your turnover and income/loss slows down to an unbearable level.

    6. There are no HK Jockey Clubs on Lamma. Tele-betting? Yes, but what's the fun without the crowd, with hand-held radio shouting all together.

    7. There are no shopping malls! Can you imagine???!!!

    8. There are too many mosquitoes and insects flying around. Yuck!

    Even if they managed to conquer the above fears, hell, how in the world can you move there without paying a fortune to the hungry removers. Nick is our best kept secret! Besides, do you think they would dare to talk to this hairy creature? So, don't worry that Lamma rents will be driven up by our lovely citizens.

    It's a pretty safe place for kids and much healthier in general than urban HK. Lots of room for them to play, including a beach, which, if not scenic, always has clean water (in the bacteriological, if not floating plastic, sense). There is a Catholic preschool and a govt. primary school which have about half non-Chinese students.

    Mosquitoes are fierce. Look for a place with good air circulation and preferably insect screens. The latter are rare, the landlords just say close the windows and use AC all the time. I glued mesh over the windows and the outer door, dodgy, but it works.

    A rooftop is nice, and higher gets fewer insects. There are lots of snakes, but I don't know of anyone being bitten by one. Too many dogs roaming around, some aggressive, all shitting everywhere. Worst wildlife problem is the large red centipede, which likes to crawl into your bed sheets and bite you on the foot (happened to me several times).

    Despite all that, one of the best places for kids in HK.

    If these warnings don't work to keep families from moving here, nothing will! In the meantime, we residents can go on to enjoy the great family life here and keep it a well-kept secret what a beautiful, natural, non-crowded, safe & healthy place our island home really is. Or, as webdog said it best:

    " environment, relatively low crime rate, a 'real' beach and reasonably priced shops allow you a European lifestyle. For me this far outweighs the inconveniences."

  8. Introducing Lamma Artists: Marilena!

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    New series! Highlighting the wide range of creative artists living on our island, I'd like to showcase them in this & future e-zines. First one: Marilena  (click to enlarge her oil paintings):


    Some of these mid-size oil paintings are available for sale. Talk to her personal agent (& husband) Nick The Bookman, who's agreed to handle the future marketing, PR, exhibitions, sales & distribution of this talented and reclusive Finnish painter with a fascinating life story.


    Last but not least, do you know any local artists, designers, painters, sculptors, photographers or other "Bohemian characters" who might be interested in free exposure, advertising & promotion?

    I'd love to talk to them, take photos, exhibit their art for free on to a worldwide audience and help them to receive recognition & feedback, hopefully even generating some sales!

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Coming Soon


Next e-zine (#21), to be published on Easter Monday, Apr 21!

Introducing more local artists
More interviews with Laudable Lamma Luminaries!

    (Let me know WHO you'd like to be interviewed!)

Feature on the tree-planting/protecting ABLE Charity

    (right: their Broadband-connected shack, eh, worldwide HQ!)
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