#23  (July 16, 2003)

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  1. Signs you've lived on Lamma for too long

  2. Deserted Village at Hunter's

  3. Lamma Fun Day: Help & Ideas Wanted

  4. Register to Vote for Change!

  5. Full Monty at the Table for Two

  6. TOL@TimesSquare.com.hk

  7. Lamma Bands at Wanchai Live VIII

  8. Sha Po Village Nights




Where is this sign located? Yes, at the Library!

  Welcome to everybody,
  but especially to past, current & future Hippies!


While photo-hiking in the hills between YSW and the power station, I came across this fascinating but deserted village (left) by chance, having absolutely no idea what it was. After a week of research, it's grown into a cover story on a true Lamma legend: Hunter!


Many people contributed to this issue and my heart-felt thank-you goes out to all of them! The Lamma-zine would not exist without your help. Thanks to Doggy & Alan for proofreading this 20-page issue. Special thanks to zep for the great, evocative headline, even though he had no idea that I'd "borrow" it!


Following up from topics in the last issue:


Ring-Road: About 70 objections have been raised against the massive Ring Road development through Yung Shue Long valley. No reply from the Highways Dept. yet. Latest newspaper story by Lamma's very own Paris Lord: Emails hit legal wall in Lamma protests. To follow the progress of this on-going controversy, check out Save Lamma.


Fight Club: It's running OK now and has become well-established. Several active new members have joined, who post almost exclusively in the "hot & humid" climate of the Fight Club. The first-ever member had to be banned from Lamma.com.hk, for extremely offensive messages & even a physical threat. He was democratically and unanimously voted off by our members: This is too much.

On the right, a Sterculia Lanceolata as a symbol for the Fight Club (red) amongst all the other (green) forums.

The rest of Lamma.com.hk has become mostly informative, creative & fun again, welcoming any and all non-offensive messages.


"What's this for?" contest: our frequent contributor e has won this contest, guessing the most correct answers of the 8 kitchen utensils from the new Articles shop (close to Tin Hau temple).

Click here for all the answers!

In the meantime, Articles is slowly transforming into a massage centre, run by professional massage therapist & new Articles proprietor Clare. I'll have to try her $100 15-minute shoulder/neck massage soon, after spending my days hunched over a PC.


Moving sales: Did you notice that the walls are swamped with sales from people leaving Lamma and HK, more than I've ever seen before?

Leaving: Dan (formerly of Anastasia's), Claire (victorious Lamma Dragons captain), Christine Dodd Myers (Artist of the Month, June), Roz Keep (water-colourist), etc. Bad times for Lamma or a short pause before an influx of new blood after the summer break? Click on the names above to see photos of some of the great, even unique things & artworks they have to sell right now. Post your own sale in the Buy & Sell forum to reach more potential buyers!


Vince's own Mac forum is up and running now. Check it out for any Mac-related questions & Lamma Mac User Group news.


This news just in: Our Official Court Artist (Stick Insect Hunter) is visiting Lamma this week!


Unexpected & unannounced, he's just sneaked in on July 7 for a few days only, staying with Mr DickStock. At first he was too afraid to come to HK during SARS and now he's dropped by on a clandestine, secretive, probably illicit visit! His website dont-touch-my.com has been transformed into a travel blog with Lamma photos (right: my collage from TSIH's photos of their pub crawl along Main Street, plus Bob Davis playing "Candid Camera" while hiding in the "Beer Garden"). More about their misadventures in the next Lamma-zine!


Left, from Mr DickStock: the tired & hung-over Court Artist having lunch with the shy & anonymous MI-JAI (Minor Inferior Junior Artist Impostor) of Lamma!


First Anniversary of Lamma.com.hk: The website was started up on July 23, 2002, by our founder webdog! I'm hoping to do a low-volume printed issue for this special occasion, testing the market acceptance of a printed magazine about local matters. I'm still looking for sponsors and advertisers who'd get additional extensive exposure in the Lamma-zine and on the website as well, of course. Contact me for details, also if you have print publishing experience and would like to help! If you'd like a printed copy of the anniversary Lamma-zine #24 (printing costs $5, free to moderators and frequent Lamma-zine contributors), contact me!


Call for contributors: As usual, I'd love your feedback, opinions and suggestions for improvements. If you're a wild party animal, hot fire dancer, Lomographer, crazy stuntman, silly story-teller, sculpted sculptress, illustrator extraordinaire, multimedia artiste, landscape/aerial/historic photographer,...or just a person full of good (& bad) ideas, contact me! I might help to promote your personal cause, whim, idea, artwork or fantasy!


Cheers from Lamma-Gung-Ho  (Intrepid International Investigative Interviewer)


Emails to the Editor

Doggy  (Contributor of the Month, June):

Thanks for putting me as contributor of the month - what an honour!!
Good e-zine too - lots of hot topics in there. I haven't had time to digest it all, but will get back to it later. I can see why it took you time to get it out!.


Hi, Editor, Love the Fight Club rules!

Mr Tough  (ToughDomains.com):

I thought you made a particularly good job of this month's e-zine. Thanks very much.
A good way to bring all the regular issues and news together in one place.

Harry  (cartoonist & illustrator):

Top notch e-zine.
I was proud to see my three avatars being used but I can't say which ones. I'm not the only bogus troll using my IP address so mum's the word.

There has to be some frivolity. It can't be left to the repressed bureaucrats and "serious in there own underpants" people. Because they're full of shit and would trample you to death to get a seat in the Bookworm.

They don't like poo but are quite happy with "Spit or swallow?". That's why the rest of us do our bogus posts. Because they are the real phonies. But you do a grand job and take it all in your stride.

Oona  (ex-Lammarite):

Wonderful wonderful wonderful.
Thank Toby for being sooo thoughtful.
Looks like things don't change on Lamma and it is still a pocket of beauty for all :)
Love, Oona xxx

The Stick Insect Hunter  (Official Court Artist):

Dear Sir,
May I bring to your kind attention. With great distress I couldn't help but notice that The Official Court Artist of My Lamma is grotesquely under-represented on the before mentioned website.
Your immediate response and explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Lloyd  (Holistic Hong Kong):

Your site looks good, extraordinarily packed with news.
Unfortunately it takes along time for me to download it and move around it which leads to my question. Can you recommend a broadband company for me, you mentioned I think it was Sony at one time.
It was good to see my review of the bookworm from years back...

(potential sponsor):

Thanks for sending the latest edition of the Lamma E-zine.
I'm interested in finding out more about sponsoring a printed version of the Lamma E-zine. How much would it cost?

BBChris  (Music forum moderator):

Seriously though congratulations to the owners of My Lamma for a fantastic clean-up of this site. And Lamma-Gung - that e-zine is outstanding as always!

Plus, thanks for the sample submission objection letters from Save Lamma.

k@  (Lamma Oldsters forum moderator):

First I would like to applaud the administrators with a double P, for creating "fight club". Micturition at its best. Well done!
I love a bit of rough and tumble but that isn't all a forum is about.

Richard  (long-time contributor):

I saw your recent gallery about the abandoned village, which was great, and thought you might like these.


Best of the Month



Another great aerial shot from Richard: Yung Shue Wan in 1963!

Click to zoom out to full huge size (545kB!)!

Richard  (regular Lamma-zine contributor):

Here it is, once again from February 13 1963, Lamma Island. You can see the abandoned village of Kam Lo Hom in its occupied days (lower left corner). In those days, the northern end of the village of Yung Shue Wan didn't exist and the ferry pier was the stone jetty which is still there to this day...


• Message:  pakcockien:

As for the march, over 1/2 a million people went out and marched against a real threat to their liberty and freedom. What's more it was done without a single arrest which shows an incredible level of maturity.
As for the civilised comment, I don't know that one can call any culture civilised or not, but there are other supposed democracies which have laws equally draconian.
In fact in a place called America they are going to have secret trials for people real soon. They can be executed if found guilty and even if found innocent they can still be held indefinitely by the government..


• Username

The Divine Ms D: A new member, exclusively posting in our new Fight Club forum. Her raunchy, saucy & self-deprecating personality fits in well with the mostly male participants of the Fight Club, teasing them about fairy godmothers, pink wigs, plastic surgery, Gucci baby-doll nighties and big menacing hunks. But what else would you expect from somebody with a face like hers and a signature line of "Oooooooh, love to love you baby..."? A big cheer for our new mistress of creative put-downs, taking the piss out of big-headed machos & naughty trolls, incl. herself.

• Topic

Streaking through Yung Shue Wan: Several people have spotted at least two naked dudes in YSW recently in public, very late at night:

hissing sid:

It has come to my attention that there has been an unfortunate out-break of streaking lately. How does this naked-like illness transmit itself?
It would seem that large drunken men are in the high-risk category.
If anyone has the latest figures, please cover them-up!


• Flower

The new & very active Flora & Fauna forum has attracted a lot of messages already. Zep, the very helpful & knowledgeable moderator, has taken the initiative to nominate several local plants "of the Month" which will be featured in the Lamma-zine:

First up, Flower of the Month - Melastoma:

zep  (Moderator of Flora & Fauna forum):

It grows like a weed all over the hillsides and scrubby areas. In fact it is considered a noxious weed and threat to native flora in Hawaii.

• Tree: 
Lagerstroemia: (photo from John Scheper, Floridata.com)


Lamma Gung must have noticed the spectacular purple-flowered trees down near the reclamation on his perambulations to the Lost Valley of the Hippies. Any photos? (I don't have a functioning camera at the moment)

Don't be too put off by the Latin name - Lagerstroemia - just imagine a never-ending stream of lager (no jokes about the "seats of shame" please).
There is an English name too - crepe myrtle - rather inappropriate as it is not a type of myrtle at all. The "crepe" bit refers to the crinkly petals, something like crepe paper.
When the flowers open, they are an intense purple, which gradually turns paler over the several weeks the flowers stay open. In the autumn, some of the trees have leaves which turn a bright crimson before falling off.


• Bird:  Black Drongo: (illustration from anon.)


Summer is a poor time for birds - many species visit in the winter and disappear in the spring. Others are just passing though briefly either in autumn or spring.

One exception is the Black Drongo - this is arrives around April and stays for the summer. You can see them perched prominently on high branches or swooping for insects. They are slim, all black and have a long forked tail. They seem to be especially noticeable after the heavy rains, when the air is full of flying ants...


• Bug

Centipedes: Everybody seems to react differently to centipedes. Some like watching their "weird little peccadilloes & hunting techniques", "talk to them in a really low tone, they settle down and stop scuttling around", but most stomp on them, some people even pour boiling water or set them on fire! No other local critters seems to evoke the same passionate revulsion and disgust like the "bastard centipedes"! They are known to be aggressive, "poisonous, their bite is painful and some people have an allergic reaction to them and get large lumps."

There has even been a message commercial posted for "Biokill is wonderful - all natural insecticide - a brilliant deterrent!" Two more links on Lamma.com.hk for this topic: Centipede reloaded & Lamma for Families.


I saw my very first really big centipede a few days ago, during a follow-up photo shoot at Hunter's, at least 10 inches long, a real beauty! My reaction? I ran after it, not to stomp on it, but trying to take a close-up photo! Alas! to no avail! It was way too fast for me and there were too many things to hide under on the forest floor. So, that's why there's none of my photos in this paragraph, unfortunately! Anybody got a good Lamma centipede picture? I've just found two "nice" photos, pinched from the web. So much of Lamma is really a natural paradise for daft & reckless hobby photographers, like myself...


Service:  Free Dream Analysis

This is offered now in Fight Club. But beware, the truth can hurt!

Dr Freud: "Nurse Z and I are twiddling our thumbs here at the clinic. Has anyone had a dream recently that needs interpretation?". His signature line - which should serve as a dire warning: "Prepare the electrodes nurse Zimmermann."

Currently, he's "helping a local fisherman interpret a dream in which a delicate part of his anatomy turns into a singing Snoopy toy with the face of Betty Tung."


Publicity #1

Some great publicity for the North Lamma Primary School in the SCM Post recently:

Jenni Yuen Chun-no, principal of Northern Lamma School, agreed the school's location in a green environment had facilitated outdoor teaching and learning. She said that rural schools like hers could play a vital role in fostering close relationships among island residents. "Many of our teachers have taught not just the father and mother in the family, but also their children. Almost everyone living nearby is alumni. We also work closely with the rural groups in organising activities during festivals," she said.
With an international stream set up last year, the school has also helped increase understanding between local and expatriate communities on the island. "I think it is important for schools in a cosmopolitan city to educate students how to accept people of different nationalities," she said.


Caption: "LEARNING NATURALLY: Rural school's proximity to countryside, such as on Lamma Island (above), serves as an inspiration for pupils. Photo: Steve Cray" (of Lamma)


SCM Post, July 2, Photo: Dickson Lee

You might recognise some of the local children in the group shot? The only one I know is the pretty & vivacious cover girl in the centre, Sasha, daughter of one of the owners of the Island Bar.

By the way, he's the only person I know who's had exactly the same email address since 1989 when I first met him in HK, where we were both toiling in the same "multi-national" ad agency. A rock-steady guy, loyal not just to his family, but also to his email provider!


Publicity #2

In the extensive coverage of the July 1 rally, a photo of Lammarites got in, carrying a large "People Power" banner (right).
Caption: "citizens call for a return to people power in Queen's Road Central." Do you recognise most of the Lamma people in the photo?

Publicity #3

1 July 2003 - March to protest Article 23 - Photo Thread:

Large numbers of Lamma residents joined the amazing & historic half-million rally on July 1 against Article 23! Here are a few nice shots (left) taken by BBChris during the rally! Coming from a grassroots-democratic country with direct elections every several weeks, I'm personally surprised, delighted and giddy about the unexpected results of these huge protests. Passionate but peaceful people power challenging the status quo. Wonderful!



Bobsy: He's submitted by far the most & best materials for this Lamma-zine! The entire photo gallery of historic photos, Hunter's tribute, "Vote for Change",...!

And to top it all off, Mr Big-Hair found my bag with my Pocket PC (holding notes & quotes for all Lamma-zines) & his historic photos in the wilderness above Hunter's! I had lost it after stepping into a deep hole in the bushes. I owe him several glasses of (organic!) wine or beer now.


What does Lamma have to do with the obnoxious Hello Kitty?


www.Lamma.com, that's what! But this site has nothing at all to do with Lamma Island. It's stuffed with "Hello Kitty"s and seems to be a home page for "Baby Lam" of the Ma family. But all the baby pictures are password-protected!?

We'd have loved to get this easy web address when Lamma.com.hk was started. But despite repeated attempts to contact them I never got a reply. No wonder, poor Hello Kitty has no mouth to talk and no fingers to type...


Events Calendar



Check out the frequently updated Lamma Events Calendar.

For all past events, check out the new Events Calendar Archive.

Submit all Lamma-related events for listing to Lamma-Gung@Compunicate.com


July, all day: "Images of Hong Kong" exhibition:

"Do drop by to have a refreshing drink on my terrace and view the collections of images of Hong Kong I have for sale.":

Marilyn Hood, Yung Shue Long Old Village, 5-minute easy stroll from Main Street, Tel: 9408-1636

Photographs - Bob Davis,
Watercolours - Murray Zanoni,
Oil paintings -  Colin Golding,
Prints - Graham Downs,
Books - Arthur Hacker, Barry Kalb, et all. Call for appointment.


July 16, every Wed, 8:30-12: Acoustic Jam Night: Aroy Thai: all musicians welcome – vocalists, too!


July 16: Deadline for Voter Registration for the 2003 District Council Election: quoting Alex Chan, Chairman of the Citizens Party, who'll be running for election:

"...District Council Election will be held on Sun, Nov 23, 2003... In HK, it does not matter what passport you hold, or whether you're Chinese or expatriate, you can register to vote in District Council and LegCo elections, if you are at least 18 years old, hold a Hong Kong Permanent Resident Id Card and have a HK residence address. Non-Chinese HK permanent residents can also stand for DC Elections."


July 17, every Thu, 6pm: Cocktails Night: Aroy Thai: (see left)

"small, virulently coloured drinks with silly names, served in funny shaped glasses for exorbitant sums of money – you’ll love it"


July 18, 19, Sep 20, 27: Thinking Out Loud  (click for details)

(Wanchai Live gig photo above right)


July 18, every Fri, 8pm:

Barbecue Night: Aroy Thai:

Meatfest Extravaganza – vegetarians beware! (left)


July 19, Sat, 4:30-9pm, Island Gym: Opening Party of Martial Arts section: click on poster to enlarge!


July 19, Sat, 8pm: Garoupa: Bookworm Café: This new Lamma-band (see below), formerly known as the Small Corner Band, has played in Pizza Milano and Wanchai Live!



About Lamma.com.hk


You might have noticed the small design update of this Lamma-zine, hopefully making it easier to read and find your favourite sections? As a former acting CCO (Chief Creative Director), I simply can't resist tweaking and "improving" the design with almost every issue...


New name & logo for this former "My Lamma e-zine". I've contracted it into Lamma-zine. It's still short for: "Lamma.com.hk's electronic magazine", but definitely simpler and more memorable, I hope!

Many thanks to Katie of First Line Design who inspired the new name by calling it "Lamazine" (yes, one m!) in an email subject line.


I've also added a Forums drop-down menu at the top of every page of Lamma.com.hk, making navigating the site even easier. There's also a red View posts since last visit on the right side of the main index.


Finally, a little rant: There were a few days of delays in publishing this issue (as usual, you might say; and you might be right!), because of the almost useless technical support of Netvigator. They took 5 days to help me to re-install/re-configure their Broadband software which crashed Windows! 5 days without Internet access, it felt like "cold turkey"... Almost all of Netvigator's tech support staff seems to be very junior these days, referring most problems to "more senior staff who'll call you back", but never do!

If they wouldn't have upgraded me to "Netvigator One" (no extra cost, 6Mb download speed, 24-hour/7-day support, free installation of non-Netvigator HW/SW) recently, it might have taken even longer! Consider the other two, much cheaper Broadband choices for Lamma: So-net and NETfront!


Coming Soon


Next Lamma-zine (#24), to be published end of July:

1st Anniversary of Lamma.com.hk (Jul 23), retrospective, interviews with the administrators & moderators...

Best of Lamma-Gung and O Tsai Photo Galleries (see right)


For any ideas, news, gossip, stories, photos, etc.,

email Editor.  Deadline: July 27!



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  1. Signs you've lived on Lamma for too long



    This has become the most creative topic on Lamma.com.hk so far! I started it one month ago, inspired by an email list of 88 Ways to Know If You're Chinese. It took off like wildfire and got over 40 great responses from dozens of members within the first day! Here's a list of the best 88 signs, sorted by member and slightly edited for spelling and grammar.


    Signs you've lived on Lamma for too long

    1. You never get anywhere on Lamma on time because you run on "Lamma time". (bbchris)

    2. Your feet only feel comfortable when you're wearing flip-flops. (loveegs)

    3. Your idea of nostalgia is $5 noodles with spam & eggs on the old ferries. HALCYON DAYS! (loveegs)

    4. Walking past apartments and spiky reminiscences of nights in them when you thought it was so great to sit up with a room full of long gone people - with a guitar - blithering...wonderwall! while engaging in chemical warfare & the like! icon_sad.gif  (hissing sid)

    5. When you know Josh, Kevin & "Josh's mother", but not her real name. icon_lol.gif  (alexanku)

    6. You start to think that you ought to like everyone instead of doing what you did before you moved to the 'Island Shangri-la' and liked some, didn't like others, but that was OK with everyone. (My Hairy Ass)

    7. You don't like anybody. (Fortune Chan)

    8. You get your kit off and dance naked on the tables at the Deli. (anex)

    9. You walk into the Y2K bar at 4am completely naked....... strange but true!! (anex)

    10. When your idea of a productive morning is strumming a few chords on an out of tune guitar, then reverting to your normal sitting position - chin on chest, mouth open with a half glass of vodka in hand, then you've probably been on Lamma FAR too long. (zep)

    11. When you have become a Swiss Franc millionaire by selling lentil soup to your friends. (Ronald McBobsy)

    12. When someone describes a location on Lamma (in another thread) as "the red flowering tree near the rave party house at the top of Heart Attack Hill "; and you know exactly where they mean! (Poppet)

    13. When you have no friends anymore. (bbdog)

    14. When you start talking shite on a local website, on local issues, with local people, and local places, when you're local. (devils advocate)

    15. Lamma-Gung: You haven't worn a watch in ages and use your mobile phone to check time, but rarely.

    16. You're overcome by anxiety and nervousness when you have to go to town.
      When in town, you're most eager to return to your island home.

    17. The words "stress", "deadline", "rat race", etc. are just distant memories, but, unfortunately, also the words "regular salary".

    18. You can hardly remember the time when you were way too busy-busy to think up your own lists, and instead just forwarded existing lists to your friends.

    19. You think it's perfectly normal and common to live in a low-rent rooftop flat with BBQ, kiddie pool and harbour view.

    20. webdog: You cannot bear the minimum level of noise, but immune to Mahjong cracking.

    21. You don't know how to control a lift.

    22. When you frantically check the time when the watch strikes 12am, not sure if you have time to finish another drink?

    23. When you feel the glory that your last-10-seconds dash to the gate just made the last ferry?

    24. Alan: You hate public holidays because:
      a) of the herds of tourists who mill around and block your way, before heading up the hills to start a grassfire.
      b) you miss the ferry because it's using the Sunday schedule.

    25. You can walk from the beach to Main Street in the dark, without a torch, and not step in any dog shit.

    26. When you go to the beach you don't take anything except your togs, because you know you can find beach mats, sand toys, newspapers, sandals, shampoo, when you get there.

    27. You know the times to see nude yoga at the hidden beach, or when the Euro-trash are getting their all-over tans at PSB.

    28. When you see a snake crossing in front of you, you go closer to see what kind it is.

    29. You can live off the wild bananas, berries and turtle eggs when you go on a walk.

    30. Though illiterate, you can swear in at least two languages.

    31. You bring your dog into restaurants and throw him scraps under the table.

    32. Insomniac: When you think that the waitress from Dan's means you personally when she says 'darling'.

    33. When Dan says a word to you.

    34. You've said hi to the same person twice in less than an hour.

    35. You know who is up the duff (again) by getting a regular prescription.

    36. You don't care what you are saying out loud.

    37. You have credit at every bar and can pay it.

    38. Doggy: When travelling to work in shorts, T-shirt and flip flops then changing in the office toilets on a rainy day seems normal.

    39. When most of your friends' names have epithets - Scottish-Andy, cat-Susan, fat-Bob, spotty-Dick, etc - but you don't know their surnames.

    40. When you recognise the local fauna by similar epithets - the orgasm bird, the whoop-whoop bird, the cow frog, the dirty-bastard centipede.

    41. When Nick the Book doesn't look odd any more (sorry Nick).

    42. When you often repeat, 'Oh but Lamma was different before 97', when what your really mean is that you were single, had no children and more time for recreational drugs before 97.

    43. When you only need to remember 4 digits of all of your friends' phone numbers.

    44. When you think that you know better.

    1. Norseman: When you remember Keith Hassett.

    2. You think that hanging your face mask off one ear is as effective as having it over your mouth.

    3. When, on reaching the bins, you chuck your bag on the floor in front of the bin, and then complain about feral cats, dogs and rats.

    4. When you think laying poison is a good deterrent for above-said wildlife instead of being hygienic.

    5. When you don't chortle to yourself when you see village names such as Pak Kok and Wang Long.

    6. When you care that the old dog on the corner before Granny Chan's died this morning in its usual spot.

    7. e: Yes, and when you cared enough to know that he is known as Bobby whom Granny Yau-Giu took care of in the past years.

    8. You only know the weekdays ferry schedules by heart but never the Sunday/public holiday ones.

    9. Only the most important people/things can get you off the island on a rest day. And still you'd try all you can to defer that appointment to a working day.

    10. A short trip to the main street to pick up some food could take ages because you have to stop so many times to chat with all the friends you run into or play with all the cats and dogs that you know along the way.

    11. When 4-digit phone numbers make sense to you.

    12. When your neighbour's cats come over for visits more often than your neighbour does.

    13. You rush to get cat or dog food whenever you run into your favourite neighbourhood strays.

    14. mrsLawless: You think the power station looks quite pretty when it's lit up at night.

    15. Although you can hardly walk or speak, you manage to organise a sampan from Aberdeen to Lamma at 4:10am.

    16. You know the names of certain dogs, but you don't know their owners.

    17. You have at least one child/pet named after an earth goddess.

    18. When you take stuff out of the bins, knowing it doesn't work, in the hope of fixing it sometime soon.

    19. When you're seriously considering getting chickens/a pig/goats.

    20. When you have perfected a method of catching and killing the bastard centipedes.

    21. When the lady in the video shop knows your name and phone number without asking.

    22. When you stop and talk to the stray cats in the bins.

    23. When you can order a 'Bobsy Shake' at the Bookworm without cringing.

    24. When you've been here 8 years and look down your nose at people who've only been here 7 years.

    25. When you can't be bothered to be nice to people who aren't in your clique of friends.

    26. pakcockien: When you know 12 different ways to get to your flat, how long each way takes down to the second, and which is better for avoiding crowds at various times.

    27. When you have a nice elderly lady who becomes your 'Chinese grandma' who you take things to on public holidays.

    28. When you remember such classic Lamma hits as 'ferry noodles' and 'I'm a V.V. Driver'.

    29. You know who the crazy lady who builds is.

    30. You remember squinty John as the human jukebox.

    31. You've been here too long if you have slept with more than... shall we say, 5 people that you have to pass on a weekly basis. You've been here way too long if this seems normal and doesn't bother you.

    32. MissB: You refer to the sitting out area outside the Island Bar as 'The Beer Garden'.

    33. You consider Mr Hing on the High Street as a purveyor of high-end men's and children's clothing. (aka 'Man at Hing').

    34. You STILL go on about the Corner Bar.

    35. Fat Boy: You start moaning about people on bikes riding too fast.

    36. You don't mind sitting on a busy ferry clipping your fingernails.

    37. You sometimes walk around Central in a pair of flip flops (thongs to any defeated Australians out there).

    38. You feel no embarrassment sitting drinking cheap beer at the seats of shame.

    39. You start to smell.

    40. Lamma-Gung: When you've attended ALL DickStocks so far.

    41. When most of your furniture & household/ electrical appliances come from local moving sales.

    42. When you personally know many of the people behind the member names above.

    43. When you spend much of your time writing, editing, photographing & publishing a monthly e-zine, just for love and no money.

    44. When you're contributing to a list called 88 signs that you've lived on Lamma for too long.

    Another, more positive list has already been started: What we like about living on Lamma.

  2. Deserted Village at Hunter's



    Two weeks ago, on a whim, I was walking an abandoned path up the hill between Yung Shue Wan and the power station. Just above the first phase of the reclamation, I discovered several deserted shacks. Here are 2 photo galleries of my hikes & all the strange but fascinating sights, with captions:


    Photo Gallery: Deserted Village at Hunter's


    I had NO idea about the history of this fascinating little village. It's completely hidden in the jungle, mosquitoes-infested, no vehicular access, but less than 10 minutes from Main Street. The official map calls it Kam Lo Hom.


    Asking some friends about this area, I learnt that it was known locally simply as "Hunter's". On the left, a close-up of the area, incl. "Hunter's Beach", from a 1964 aerial photo, supplied by Richard

  3. . In the 90s, it was inhabited by barefoot artist & original Berkeley hippie Hunter, who was a fruitarian. Most long-time residents remember rave/acid parties around 1996, even run-ins with local "law enforcement". But there were also great Christmas pantomimes & theatre performances.

    Clive Keep who lived up there in 1995, remembers the abandoned soap factory when Hunter moved in to store his stuff there, squatting, but living on his junk custom-made for him in China. Clive said further in a phone interview, that Hunter shipped stuff from his huge collections to California to make money. He was also growing herbs and fruits with varying degrees of success, even rearing ducks and geese!


    Starting a new topic (Deserted Village above Hunter's Beach?) on Lamma.com.hk, I got quite a few replies & info from people who remembered Hunter's:

    Alan  (moderator of Environmental forum):

    More than 5 years ago there were some gweilos living there. Occasionally they'd have dance parties, admission $50. On the coast below the main house was a pretty little beach, known as Hunter's Beach. There was a little spring there.
    This is now in the middle of the far section of the reclamation, where they pretended they were going to make a helipad. I think the guy who actually lived there was the eponymous Hunter, a Lamma legend though I didn't know him myself.

    k@  (moderator of Oldsters forum):

    Hunter arrived on his junk from China, I think. He lived on it opposite what is now called Hunter's Beach. He turned an old ruin behind the beach into a sort of storehouse for all sorts of bric-a-brac and junk. Every morning he and Chris Knox used to race to the rubbish dump on the pier to grab the best bits of rubbish.
    After Hunter left Clive Keep was doing something up in the ruin. On one occasion Adrian Dyer held a 60's fancy dress/rave party up there. I think I won the men's prize but I had already left by the time they announced the results. Can't think of anything else about Hunter, he kept himself to himself most of the time.


    bbchris  (moderator of Music forum):

    Hunter is now living in Philippines - actually I made a post asking about him on the 'old lamma hands' section of My Lamma. I never actually went up there once Hunter started living there (squatting!!)
    Yes, there were beach parties on that beach. Anyone remember the 'Pirates Party?' with Sisters of Sharon? I have a photo somewhere. Ginger haired Jimmy was DJing.... Some of you long-timers may even remember the CHRISTMAS PANTOMIMES held there around 10 years ago? Remember Alice in Wonderland? I actually have video footage of this panto. Remember German Julia, mad Jules, Martine, SASKIA, I think I've invoked enough memories here.......

    I've heard that he's trying to get himself together in the Philippines. A friend of his is taking over the junk - which is falling apart - and hoping to get it brought back to HK for repairs.


    I remember Hunter. In fact, I think of him often, wondering how he is doing.
    I'd like to get in touch with him, and sure he will be happy to hear from me, because on the day I left Lamma, he told me to keep in touch. He did give me a friend's contact in the States through which I could get in touch with him, as he was not sure at that point whether he would be leaving Lamma soon, and where he would be going.

    Hunter had been a legend on Lamma even before my time. We crossed path when I was living on the Island. If you ask people who have lived there for more than a decade and know me, they will tell you that I did not hang out much (because I don't drink :)).

    I had heard of Hunter for a long time, but only got to know him when I was going out with Oz. Oz and I broke up, but my friendship with Hunter was not affected. We became closer friend through Bobsy (who was my closest friend when I left Hongkong and still is). The three of us had a get-together at Hunter's a couple of days before my departure.

    Looking at the pictures you took of the place brought back a lot of good memories. I was also involved in some of the pantomimes bbchris mentioned which happened there back in the jungle. I hadn't thought that Hunter considered me as a good friend and was surprised when he gave me a farewell present on the day I left Lamma and Hongkong.

    Hunter the Lamma Institution


    (bobsy lived at hunter's for six months in 1993 and it was his first home on lamma island.)

    i first met hunter in early 1993. i had first seen him walking down the main street, barefoot, straw hat with feather cropped on head and Rufus his faithful companion dog at heel. i immediately felt an affinity with the man. "he's an eccentric californian artist and only eats fruits," i was told. i felt intrigued to meet the man. so the next day i wandered round to see if i could meet the man. it was a gorgeous sunny lamma afternoon and hunter was on his beach mending his traditional chinese junk sails. massive faded canvas sails dyed in pigs blood, "the traditional way as they had done in china for thousands of years," he told me.

    hunter was a bit of a recluse who enjoyed the quiet of his own company. the locals had long accepted this "crazy gweilo" and his eccentric ways. He was a gentle and quiet man who collected "lap sap", kept himself to himself and lived on his old boat in the harbour. that's all they cared about.

    our first meeting was friendly and on the same wave length. hunter, i felt, although shy and reserved at first, also had an affinity with me. i remember asking all the questions that sunny afternoon and hearing fascinating stories from this berkeley sixties child... i myself had only just moved to lamma and was crashing on acquaintances' floors and sofas, as i had very little money and could not afford the obligatory two months deposit on a pad of my own.

    i found myself spending more and more time with the man, as he busied himself on his beautiful boat and on his land doing his chores and errands. back then (before the phase 1 reclamation), the beach and the land above it were known as hunter's. after a short while he asked me if i would like to stay in his little shack and pay what i could afford and help with the land. i said i would love to and promptly moved my belongings and settled in. it was the beginning of a great six months of living in the semi-open under the stars, with no electricity or running tap water...

    i loved every minute of it. waking with the sun, cooking on log fires, living simply and getting to know and work with the man as an artist, ecologist, organic farmer, health/nutrition encyclopedia and as a friend. he was a great inspiration and i learnt quite a lot from the man. we sat around camp fires at night on special occasions and during the day we made art together from all the special and amazing "lap sap" he collected and stored in the most artistic way.

    hunter was a great collector of other people's rubbish and throw-aways. he couldn't bear to see things wasted from an ecological point of view and would frequent the main rubbish dump in yung shue wan and stroll lamma's beaches for odd objects and beautiful drift wood. treasures indeed! in fact, he would often find antiques that locals had unwittingly discarded, especially over chinese new year. antiques that he would carefully ship back to california, where he would later sell them for a small fortune.

    hunter deeply cared for the planet and walked his talk. in every waking moment he put the well-being of the land and the sea first. he was the first person i had seen picking up other people's rubbish that he passed on the paths. he was the first person i had seen who had a deep spiritual bond with the earth. a trip round to hunter's back then was like walking into a cross between an aladdin's cave and a natural art museum. everything had its place and was displayed creatively. organic sculptures made from old rusted pieces of machinery, rubber wheels, drift wood, old timber, rocks, stones, even umbrellas and old hats... the list went on and on. everywhere you looked, there was something to marvel at.

    he also farmed a small plot of land amongst the ruins. the land used to be an old soap factory many years ago that the government had demolished. on the land there was fresh, clean ground water that oozed out of an old man-made well, the water tasted heavenly! hunter would swear by it.

    hunter was never an idle man. he kept himself very busy during the day pottering either on his land or on his boat. he loved books and reading and sustained himself on a healthy diet of fruits, nuts and seeds, with the occasional salad on those special occasions like the equinox or solstice. he went to bed early as he also had no electricity and woke up with the sunrise. at fifty something he was the healthiest and most dynamic person i had ever met...

    in late 1996, just before the government was to start the reclamation of his beloved beach and land, hunter packed his essentials and sadly bade farewell to the place he had created and called home since the late eighties. that day, lamma lost an institution.


    Bobsy supplied historic photos of Hunter, himself and their former home (see above left). I made up some "then/now" comparisons, using photos from a photo gallery during a 2nd visit up at Hunter's together. It was a true trip down memory lane for Bobsy, returning to  his first home after moving to Hong Kong: Hunter's - 2. Visit & Historic Photos.

    Finally, I reached Hunter himself by email in the Philippines:

    Hunter Edward Wallof:

    Hi Lamma-Gung;
    Thank you for your e-mail.
    I'm not sure why you have contacted me and at this time I'm very busy but if you would like to communicate more with me please use my new address.
    My daughter Willow and I are soon going to California and I am giving the 'Long Hai' to a friend from Hong Kong, Graeme Morris; he plans to bring her back to Hong Kong.

    What you are doing sounds interesting and I wish you luck. With Bobsy involved maybe you can make a profit out of it.
    It is interesting to hear there is something left of my old shore base in Kam Lo Mam. I've got to get on with town business now;
    Love Hunter&Willow

    Discuss this story online:

    Deserted Village above Hunter's Beach?

    Does anyone remember Hunter? He had an authentic junk...

  4. Lamma Fun Day: Help & Ideas Wanted



    Yes, it's a bit early to talk about the next Lamma Fun Day already.

    But better start early than being too late:

    Doggy  (Lamma Fun Day organiser):


    Lamma Fun Day 2003 is starting to simmer slowly, and we are starting to think of ways to make it bigger and better this year. The first big decision is that we are going to hold it mid-late November this year, rather than the second weekend in December, in the hope that, even if it's raining, at least it won't be cold.
    If anyone would like to get involved in helping with the organising and running this year, please get in touch. If anyone has any good ideas for activities or events that can be added to the day, then please let us know as soon as possible.


    One of our biggest concerns about the Fun Day is that it has been very much a western-orientated event. The local Chinese community comes along to support and participate on the day, but as far as the activities and the organisation goes, it has been much more directed towards the ex-pat community.

    We would really like to have more local Chinese involved in the running of the event. If anyone wants to join us or has any good suggestions for how we can get more of the local community involved, let us know.


    Contact: info@lammafunday.com,  Website: www.lammafunday.com

  5. Register to Vote for Change!



    "Getting someone concerned and knowledgeable on the District Council is one of the unprecedented solutions to the never-ending cascade of bad developments on Lamma Island that have plagued this beautiful island." (Alex Chan, see below)
    But first you need to register to vote, by the July 16 deadline!

    Save Lamma:

    Alex Chan, Chairman, Citizens Party:

    Dear Friends of Lamma,

    The upcoming district council election is an opportunity to select a candidate to represent the concerns and aspirations of Lamma Island. Choosing someone who supports the principles of sustainable development would help ensure that environmental and social issues are taken into account when deciding on infrastructure and building projects.

    THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING TO VOTE IS JULY 16th. The actual elections are not until November, but people have to be registered before that. Anyone who holds a permanent Hong Kong ID card & lives on Lamma is eligible to vote.

    REGISTRATION IS SIMPLE. Just fill out a one page form which you can get:

    -at the bank and post office in Yung Shue Wan

    -by fax (call the hotline 2891 1001)

    -at District Offices & post offices

    -The Registration and Electoral Office
    10/ F Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road, Wan Chai

    Fax: 2891 1180

    Or download from:
    www.info.gov.hk/reo/pdf/reo1_e.pdf (note below)

    Or go to:
    www.esdlife.com  ( but e cert is needed)

    If you live on Lamma and hold a permanent HK ID card please register to vote. By choosing the candidate you believe will best represent your vision of Lamma Island, you can contribute to making it a better place to live, work and visit.

    Thanks for your support,
    The Save Lamma Campaign

    Note: the download of the election registration form will run into problems unless you have the recent Adobe Acrobat 6.0 (free download):


    Or install the Chinese Traditional Character fontpack for Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (free download):


    (He's very engaged in Save Lamma, the helipad issue and the Ring Road opposition. He'll be running in the District Council Election):

    Be a Voter: Two more days before the deadline for Nov 2003 District Council Elector Registration

    The scrutiny of Article 23 legislation tells us that we need to choose people who can represent us in the Legislative Council and the District Council. Otherwise, the welfare of society at large will be ruined. But how? Be a voter!


    If there are democratic elections, we can cast votes, and support the candidates and political parties that can represent our views in the Legislative Council and District Council. Our votes can also kick people who do not do their work well out of the assemblies.


    If you want to vote in the coming District Council elections in November, you must submit your forms on or before July 16, 2003. In HK, if you are permanent residents, you can register as a voter.


    - If you have not voted in any elections before, you need to register, so that you can exercise your power.

    - If you have moved, and have not yet informed the Registration and Electoral Office, you need to do it immediately.

    The deadline is near, so don't miss it!

    The registration deadline:

    by fax: July 16, 11:59 pm (dated July 16)

    by mail: chop on July 16

    REGISTRATION IS SIMPLE. (see left column)

    Please also remind the people around you of voter registration. It is time to make some real changes!!

  6. Full Monty at the Table for Two



    Did you hear about the two new restaurants opening soon in Yung Shue Wan, "The Full Monty" and "Table for Two"? Yes, the local dining scene is becoming vibrant again, lots of promotions, specials and even live music!


    Right, a great promotion for local restaurants in the SCM Post on Sun, July 6, showing Man Fung and Sampan restaurants, our two really "touristy" places (Photos Edward Wong). Subtitle: "Some of the best seafood is just a ferry ride away - and great views work up the appetite." and "Lamma Island seafood restaurants are a strong draw for city folk - even on weekdays."


       More restaurant news:

    Aroy Thai: Besides the recently introduced, very popular BBQ Night ("Vegetarians beware!") every Friday, Mr DanKwaiFong.com has recently added a Cocktails Night ("small, virulently coloured drinks with silly names, served in funny shaped glasses for exorbitant sums of money – you’ll love it") and an acoustic Jam Night.

    See the Lamma Events Calendar for more details!

    Aroy Thai has become quite stylish after the redecoration and is even displaying frequently changing artworks these days. So far they've only been featuring local artist Nadja from the second-hand shop a few doors down from Aroy Thai. But the space might become available to other artists soon. This large-format oil painting on the right, is it depicting Nadja herself, or maybe even Geng of Gengburger fame?

    Diesel's: They didn't take the BBQ Nights success from Aroy Thai lying down, after having introduced their own occasional outdoor BBQ buffet a few months ago. So they trumped Aroy Thai. BBQ Mon-Fri instead of only Friday! Same price, but 4 drinks instead of 1!

    But is the BBQ as delicious as Aroy Thai's? Has anybody been test-eating & comparing them? We patrons love competition & choice!


    Island Bar: New exhibition of Bob Davis' 30 year of award-winning B/W photography in HK. Straight from the FCC, this is the first new exhibition by Bob in the Island Bar in over 20 years! Some fascinating & historic shots by this (in)famous Lamma personality.

    Lung Wah Seafood: The "other" Dim Sum place, opposite Spicy Island, is still a great place for a really low-cost Dim Sum brunch, typically well below $100 for up to 4 people together, much cheaper than the very popular Sampan Seafood Rest. It's my new favourite spot for Sunday morning people watching, from the window table all the way down Main Street (see right).


    New Holiday Mood:

    It reopened just a few weeks ago, but I've already tried it 3 times, for a fair review:


    Breakfast: I got a tiny hot dog bun with a little Wiener sausage inside and the only condiment was...mayonnaise! Plus a teaspoon-full of egg salad. Coffee is acceptable, nice pancakes with tuna or other fillings.


    Lunch: When ordering a lunch set, the main courses arrived first, then soup and coffee/tea at almost the same time. Completely cold, hard string beans w/o salt or spices, plus very overcooked, mushy spaghetti and a really bland sole fillet with white sauce of non-descript taste.


    Dinner: The same disappointment! We got not-overcooked, but totally unsalted noodles and unsalted, spice-less "Chicken Kiev". Most of the food seems to be tasteless and bad quality overall, even when measured by the most modest down-market standards. All my acquaintances seem to agree.


    The inexperienced summer students - making a little pocket-money from waitressing - are really in way over their heads and have to learn this difficult job while doing it. When it gets a bit busy at lunchtime they start mixing up dishes and tables and dropping things... Even the personable manager Ricky had to shake his head at the ineptitude of his own staff. The other guests were making fun of the service as well, not in a bad way, more in a bemused, sympathetic and head-shaking way.


    The decoration with dark-red walls, dark-green ceilings, mirrors and strings of Christmas-tree lights really looks best only at night, together with candle-lights on the tables. They considered calling the place Starlight Café but opted to keep the old name and logo for cost reasons, just adding the word NEW to the signage, but didn't fix the missing L (see left).


    This place definitely needs even more time to develop and hasn't even had its official opening yet. It seems to compete head-to-head with Man Kee and B&B, unfortunately. However, both of these places offer far superior food, similar prices and menu - like Man Kee's popular breakfast sets and very similar lunch/dinner sets & prices, as does B&B.


    Most of all, they need to get a better cook to avoid another failure in this most failure-prone location. But this could prove somewhat difficult to implement, as the main cook is the wife of the manager... Personally, I'd love to see this place survive & prosper, but they'll have to make serious improvements.


    The Full Monty: This upcoming place was founded by our local former Karate world champion (old photo on the right, taken when he had way more & darker hair). His adorable baby daughter Montana gave her nickname for the venture and actually owns The Full Monty 99%!


    It'll be run by Peter & David who're doing the redecoration these days. This large place with a great location - right opposite the Deli Lamma - is scheduled to open in Sep. Besides traditional, high-quality fish and chips, it'll offer kebabs and other ethnic foods for take-away.


    Table for Two: Bali Café (behind the public toilet, below the stairs to Po Wah Yuen) has already renamed itself, before even officially opening. Still no sign, name cards, logo or English menu. I wonder why, but I can guess...

    They offer freshly squeezed fruit juices, even small lunches. Nice retro-style decoration: comfy huge rattan chairs, batik table clothes, wooden rocking horses, hanging lounge chair, lots of Chinese reading material. It soft-opened at Easter, but is not scheduled for official opening till (maybe) Sep. Try a leisurely & relaxing cake tea set for $20.

  7. TOL@TimesSquare.com.hk



    On June 15, Thinking Out Loud were performing in a most unusual location - not a smoky bar, but in the wide-open, neon-bright, multi-storey shopping mall of Times Square, Causeway Bay!


    As the "official photographer" of the event, I've shot and published a little photo gallery: TOL@TimesSquare.com.HK

    BBChris had to behave on stage for once, as her mom (see right) was in the audience! No spiky bras, no moaning and no censorable words & gestures this time! So unusually tame & "family-friendly" this time, her fans might have been astonished about the lack of raunchiness, but the audience of shoppers was most appreciative and clapped politely.


    From the TimesSquare.com.hk website:

    "Never underestimate your talent. Perform at "On Stage at Times Square", and receive a big round of applause from your audience. We have no limitation on performance type and experience. Come up, and the stage is yours. Interested parties should email us. Enquiry: 2118-8854, Fax 2118-8934. Requirements:

    Any Performing arts form will be considered.

    Talented amateur performers are welcome.

    Experienced performers are definitely eligible.

    A small fee will be offered as a token of appreciation to the selected performers."


    Photo Gallery in next Lamma-zine:

    the Garoupa & the (Book)worm!

  8. Lamma Bands at Wanchai Live VIII



    Many of you must have been attending the Wanchai Live VIII concerts, where 3 out of the 42 bands were from Lamma!


    It's been amazingly difficult to get any live photos from 2 of the 3 bands, so I'm just using this great photo-montage from the SCM Post on June 27

  9. , subtitled:


    "Hong Kong's top rockers (clockwise, from left) Papa Jack, Thinking Out Loud and The Bastards are ready to rip it up at Wan Chai Live.

    Photos: Ricky Chung/Martin Chan/Anthony Dickson".


    The 3rd Lamma band was The Small Corner Band, recently renamed into Garoupa (see Events Calendar above).


    Quoting from the SCM Post story:

    "The Bastards are hardly what you'd call struggling musicians: bassist David Green -

    or Dr David Green to you and me - has his own environmental consultancy firm. As does guitarist James Shorthouse. Mark Harrison has his own town planning business. Singer Dan James owns a bar/cafe on Lamma - affectionately referred to as Dan Kwai Fong by some locals. Drummer Dave McKirdy, meanwhile, spends his time refitting Ferraris...


    ...The riotous Thinking Out Loud is scheduled for a 10pm Saturday performance at Carnegie's and lead siren Chris B is champing at the bit. "We can't wait to play up on the new balcony," she trills, referring to the pub's recent refit, which separates band from mosh pit while ensuring there will be no stage diving this year. With her penchant for undressing during a gig, can the audience expect any surprises? "Absolutely," she booms. "Come and see my new bra!" She'll be glad of that balcony. © david.watkins@scmp.com


    (click on photo below right - her spiky new bra - for TOL's photo gallery)

    BBChris  (Thinking Out Loud, Shazza Music):

    Wasn't Wanchai Live an awesome event! Support for KELY by Carnegie's & The Wanch was outstanding! The staff stayed busy and they stayed smiling.
    Every band we watched played with passion and showed that HK music is getting better and better. We look forward to WL IV!

    THE BASTARDS - Wanch – 10pm

    Formed 1990. CD indie release on NODAD records 1996. Aggregate age 227. Have played just about every venue in HK. Toured Thailand 1992/3/4/5/6/7/8. Reputation for punk and hard rock, but range covers 60s/70s/80s/90s and new millennium covers as well as original rock and pop and anthems. On Sat night, The Bastards will have played all 8 Wanchai Lives. One life left for these cats. Will play mostly originals & few requested covers on Saturday. www.hkbastards.com


    THINKING OUT LOUD - Carnegies – 10pm

    The biggest band at this year’s Wanchai Live! Chris B. (ex-Sisters of Sharon) rocks the house with Hugh on drums, Ryan on bass, Aaron on lead guitar, Shaun B. on keyboards and Mysterious Mr. B on sax. Songs vary from catchy originals (including a zany bi-lingual number) to mad covers of Ween and Van Morrison. This year Chris B. is the only female rock guitarist performing! Current band description: “Teenage angst, sexually charged performance & plenty of free stickers”. http://thinkingoutloud.com.hk


    THE SMALL CORNER BAND Carnegies – 4pm - aka Garoupa.

    A new Lamma-based band that have been together a few months. The international line-up includes Alex (England) on guitar & vocals, Hamada (Morocco, 4 caps, 2 goals) on lead guitar, Gary (New Zealand, U21 International) on bass and Magnus (Sweden, no caps, no hats, no clothes) on percussion. Play a mixture of original bluesy/rock/funk and Moroccan songs (no covers). They followed up a successful first gig at Pizza Milano with a stormin' debut at Wanchai Live. Catch them (no pun intended) at the Bookworm on the 19th July. Look out for the posters. (see Events Calendar)

  10. Sha Po Village Nights



    Wandering aimlessly around Sha Po Old and New Village frequently, I've collected quite a few night shots, some of them looking quite acceptable, I hope. Judge yourself:

    Sha Po Village Nights photo gallery


    Many of you are taking great pictures. Why not exhibit your best ones in the Lamma-zine? If they're in some way Lamma-related - parties, events, hikes, anything - just email them to me! If they're non-digital, I'll even scan them for you!

    Add a few captions and get a quick, hand-made online photo gallery of your best shots, viewable by your friends and family anywhere in the world! Show off your best shots!