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"My Lamma weekly e-zine" #10  (Sat, Nov 2, 2002)

Our exhausted-but-happy Mr. DickStock!
ove mouse over photo to see Ah-Wong with his "Cans of Plenty". Click for more photos.)

Is Mr. DickStock just:
"guarding the pile for the Can Lady because I promised. I guess I passed out."
"advertising the negative effects of alcohol on your sex life."

"posing for an anti-beer ad, showing the debilitating results of beer over-consumption."
"hoping none of the girls will recognise him coz he's hiding behind that black T-shirt."
"making a statement to Fortune Chan about how much a real gweilo can drink; perhaps it is also a challenge!"
What do YOU think? Click photo & let us know!

Peace + Love @ Lamma = DickStock 2002


"My Lamma weekly e-zine" #10
(Sat, Nov 2, 2002)

HTML version (colourful, nicely formatted, w/pictures):

Table of Contents:

  1. Smashing Success of DickStock!
  2. Lamma Police Reading This E-zine?
  3. "I'm considerably rebellious here."
  4. LAP Sale a Big Success! Encore!
  5. "Can VV Drivers & Bikers Slow Down?"
  6. The Dark Side of Halloween
  7. "Husband Swapping Parties!"
  8. "A Sterile Gigantic Slab of Concrete"

Welcome, DickStock survivors!

The musical event of the year on Lamma went off without any major hitch/incident/
accident, but lots
of hangovers!

We have lots of photos, even videos online from this HUGELY successful event, incl. a de-briefing from Mr. DickStock himself!

This week we're also hearing from several of our moderators, promoting their forums! For starters:

k@: "Lamma Oldsters Web help:

If you have a problem making web pages you may find some good links to help you out in this thread. If you know any good web building resources you would like to share please reply with a description and link.

If you have any questions or need specific help please reply and ask. If I can't answer it I'm sure Gung or another forum member can:"




bbChris: "hahahahahahahahahaahaha You're an EXCELLENT writer you know!!!!! I want you to know I APPRECIATE ALL that you do for this site."

webdog: "The latest e-zine is great, but there are two unvalid links."


after promoting ipkeemay's weblog in last week's e-zine:

ipkeemay: "I was wondering why 10 people had viewed my posting in the past 25 hours. Thank you."

To subscribe/unsubscribe/send e-mails to the editor:

All e-zines (HTML version) can now be viewed from the top of every page on My Lamma, plus a new "Quick Menu" for popular sections.

Cheers from ready-for-Halloween Lamma-Gung  (see new Avatar on right)

  1. Smashing Success of DickStock 2002!

    One person summed it up best, speaking for everybody:
    Marcus: "Lamma is an excellent community.

    DickStock proved it. Many thanks to all involved."


    We have tons of photos, comments, even videos in our extensive "DickStock De-Briefing":

    Mr. DickStock & his Official
    Court Photographer!
    "Dotcom company signs on marketing genius."
    Click photo for full story!

    Review by Mr. DickStock himself:

    "DickStock 02 was a smashing success, as anyone who was there (or who lives within 2 km) knows.



    The number of attendees is in dispute; Police estimate 5000, organizers claim a more manageable 250 or so. It might be easier to verify that 27 adults and 4 children resident on Lamma did NOT attend. All Lamma dogs were present (or seemed to be; many were lurking outside).


    It is difficult to say if there were any noise complaints. No court summons yet! I do know that I had several very civil conversations with the local authorities, and that we were able to wrap up the live music at a reasonable hour.


    People were generally well-behaved on the way home, but gravity pockets are unfortunately scattered up and down the hill on BOTH sides of the trail. Lots of casualties, none serious apparently.


    Ah Wong was prepared for DickStock with 160 crates of C-berg and some cokes and other stuff. He sold all but about 12 racks. I made a business decision to use T-shirt proceeds to buy the remainder of the beers to stockpile for any future emergency.


    Geng was flippin Gengburgers from the famous Arroy Thai on Dan Kwai Fong, Lamma. She and her crew were greasin' em down and whippin' em out. Two Gengburgers saved my life and kept me going for the duration. Thanks Geng!


    Of 160 T-shirts, all were spoken for; many were sold, many were given to the people who made it possible, the bands, movers, volunteers and neighbors. Next time we're gonna make sure all the Lamma cops get one too. In Advance!


    I've been taking a lot of kudos all week, but the party was possible only because EVERYONE threw in their energy. Thanks to Laid, Thinking Out Loud, my beloved Yung Shue Wankers, and the old Bastards for playing a great gig for FREE. Thanks for the crowd for egging them on to new heights of depravity, and thanks for the other officials and unofficials on all levels.  Peace, Love, Lamma!!!"

    Photos from the Official DickStock Court Photographer "The Stick Insect Hunter" were not ready by the publishing deadline and will be posted as soon as he's sifted through all 260 of them. Chase him at his great e-mail

    There is just one last question for Mr. DickStock on all our lips:

    "When's the next DickStock?"  Hopefully before end of this year?

  2. Lamma Police Reading This E-zine?

    Mr. DickStock: "Sgt Pang and another cop named Hayward showed up at about 5pm, armed with an 8-foot roll of print out from their police "crime computer" of your e-zine.

    Hayward was specifically concerned about the date, "October 25". I pointed out that was the publication date, the event itself was the 26th."

    After some more on- & offline investigations, Lamma-Gung found out that the Lamma police had simply ripped off his e-zine printout (sticky-taped into a long roll) from the "poster wall" on the way to the ferry. That was the "8-foot roll" that Mr. DickStock referred to above. So the Lamma Police is NOT reading My Lamma online, no worry, you can continue to be as outrageous as you like!


    Some more news from "friendly, local law enforcement authorities":
    Our "honourable" LammaNetPolice impersonator is back online, after his "computer problems have prevented an optimum level of watchfulness recently." His new "Location" is listed as "Never around when you need one unless you're committing a crime."

    Welcome him back in style!

    Lamma-Gung: "I'm overjoyed to hear your normal patrols will soon be resumed and you're watching out for law & order in our sometimes unruly forums. Especially during this Halloween week, many of our members seem intent on engaging in the "illicit, illegal, criminal, prohibited, prescribed, wrong, felonious, pirate, corrupt, fraudulent, reprobate, perverted, evil, dishonest, violent, threatening and/or antisocial behaviors" you mentioned, and even enjoy them!


    These are verrrrry naughty people, I agree!":

  3. "I'm considerably rebellious here."

    Our "power-hungry junkie" (her own words) has made it into the news once again (see photo on right). She's forced me to tell everybody about it; she can be VERY persuasive, especially her GRRRRRRRRRRs... She's just left for two weeks of roasting on a Mauritius beach, probably returning looking like Char Siu...


    Interview quotes:

    bbChris: "Then as soon as I was on a stage and noticed the power of being on stage. I was hooked! It's a very powerful feeling. Oh dear do I sound like some power-hungry junkie? hahahahahahahaha"


    bbChris: "I'm considerably rebellious here."

    Interviewer: "I imagine you are."

    bbchris: "The way I look, the lifestyle I choose.

    Then Chinese people will say it's cause I'm half-English. of course when I'm being a good business woman or daughter, then they say it's cause I'm half Chinese. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha Best of both worlds! hahahahahahaha"


    We like to cater to bbChris's exhibitionist, eh, self-promotional streak. So here's the very interesting & insightful interview, where she tells us a LOT more than is good for her:

    Now, let's hear from the moderator of our Music forum  (concert poster of her band below):

    bbChris: "SEX, DRUGS & ROCK'N'ROLL! Oh whoops, this is the Music section - we've got rock'n'roll and sexy babes here but NO aspirin!


    Tell us if you're a groupie or just related to a famous musician!  Post your bands' link. Post anything music-related - did you know that a toilet flushes in the key of Eb? Do you write songs in the nude? Do you have a fetish for singing songs about Plastic Jesus? Come in and see if you can shock me with your musical confessions.
    I will be in Sunny Mauritius for TWO weeks. I'm sure the site will be fine without me."


    Doesn't this sound like an invitation, even a challenge? You could take advantage of her temporarily orphaned forum, where you can currently post ANYTHING you like! Hehehehe!

  4. LAP Sale a Big Success! Encore!

    e: "The LAP Fund-raising & Information Stall of Oct 27 was a BIG success!
    Not only did we receive a huge amount of donation of books, clothes, CDs, VCDs, appliances... etc from our animal-loving Lamma-ites, many dropped by to buy and donate. The event also gave us a chance to tell many more people about our work.
    The day was such fun that we feel it was just not enough. That's why we plan a re-run this coming Sunday, Nov 3, same time, same place. Please come & see the new items available this week. You'll find something that you've wanted all along!

    Your donations will mean a lot to the poor animals on the island. ALL proceeds from the fund-raising will be used on helping the animals. LAP has no overheads at all. Call us at 2982-4018 if you want to help us at the stall.

    Webdog gave away that I was in one of the photos (see above). If you would like to meet this human slave to Mr 3 in person, please come by the stall this Sunday! See you there!"

  5. "Can VV Drivers & Bikers Slow Down?"

    Pedestrians, bikers & Village Vehicles sharing our narrow roads sounds like a recipe for lots of animosity and even accidents. A very lively, even heated discussion is in progress.

    Marcus: "Once a year notify the pier that all bikes unclaimed on a certain night will be destroyed. We have so many wrecks chained to the railings on the pier that are both unsightly and a complete waste of space for parking used bicycles."

    Lamma-Gung himself witnessed a Village Vehicle hitting a little boy this week!

  6. The Dark Side of Halloween

    In our new "Cool/stupid thing"topic, there's an informal contest going on for creating the best South Park-style Avatars with a simple point & click program. Some really strange designs have emerged...

    Slashers & other weirdos seem to be most popular around Halloween:

  7. "Husband-Swapping Parties"

    Our definitely weirdest topic of the week!
    Meandering from pictures of bbChris's two husbands (see photo on left), the missionary position, high moral values, "Beware of the webdog!" (in Latin!), Lamma-Gung finally going over to the Dark Side, chainsaw massacres, a stoned cat, the Kiss of Death and the frightening Taro-san!

    Finally mr 3 is being abducted and webdog is turning into one very naughty but cute puppy doggie!

  8. "A Sterile Gigantic Slab of Concrete"

    Alan: "The Lamma reclamation & environmental forum is a place for news and comments about Lamma's natural environment, and the threats to it from misguided government projects and careless local construction companies.

    The big issue is the reclamation of Yung Shue Wan's shoreline, turning a picturesque if grotty beach into a sterile gigantic slab of concrete. But many smaller projects can easily proceed in obscurity, like the proposed concreting of a Tai Peng footpath.
    I hope readers can contribute news, rumours and "sightings" of threats to our green island!


    On a more positive note, birdwatchers and other nature buffs can share their knowledge

    (and photos), the better to know what we're fighting for."

    Next week:

    Lamma Photo Contest!
    New Photos for our "Lamma Bars & Restaurants"
    Webdog's wedding reception 
    (see photo on right)
    Phenomenon of the Lamma Time Warp
    Miserable Episcopalian Carcass!