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Welcome!  I'm Nick The Bookman.

If you live on Lamma Island, Hong Kong, you'll know me already!

If you're not living in our subtropical island paradise yet, too bad, your loss!
But we hope you'll join us soon; there's always room for a few more relaxed,
friendly & happy people, looking for Quality of Life!

And when you do, I can help you moving here! That's what I do for my
modest living ...
besides being the The Bookman, Unofficial Mayor, Hippie cheerleader
and being named "Laudable Lamma Luminary" by

And I just love all psychedelic stuff!  Send me some!

About Me

Music Reviews

A few stories, interviews & gossip about me:

bullet Moving service
bullet HK Magazine interview
bullet "The Book, Man"
bullet "Psychedelic as Hell!"
bullet Lamma People 1989-1998
bullet Happy Birthday to Nick's Mum

Press Clippings

What some newspapers dare to write about me...

Enjoy some of my concert & record reviews:

bullet New! Reviews 2006 - 2016 on
bullet Underground HK  (3/2/06)
bullet Coca-Cola Awards (25/2/95)
bulletR.E.M. in Hong Kong (5/2/95)
bulletBob Dylan in Hong Kong (26/2/94)
bulletSecond Wanchai Festival (21/10/1993)
bulletRebirth of Cool with Dig and Mothership
bullet Working Weakly (10-14/2/1993)
bulletRecord Reviews (1993-94)

Marilena's Art

DJ NixMixes

Photo Gallery

Listen to my DJ music mixes on CD-Rs.
E-mail me for a copy or MP3 file:

bulletSpace Rock
bulletDrugs + Drums
bullet80 Years of Vox Orch
bulletFor Neil (Threnody) CD I
bulletFor Neil (Threnody) CD II

A few of my people snapshots,
taken by many friends over the years. Click above!

Favorite Links

bullet Lamma Links

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