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Rogues' Gallery

A few recent and "less recent" pictures of me taken by my friends.

Have YOU got any more old or new pictures w/me in them?  Email me!  Click to enlarge:

from HK Magazine interview

I like lollipops

by Mr DickStock

ZZ Top?

DJ at Squinty John's Birthday (Dec '02)

by Steve Cray

"Nick's Corner"

by Mr. DickStock, shot for FCC photo contest

My 30th birthday (long strange trip!)

Ancient shot from my hippie days (still ongoing...)

Widow Twankie in a Lamma pantomime

Ain't I sexy?

Moving ad

Pack of hairy creatures!

April 2006

Po Wah Yuen

Here are some more snapshots of myself together with some old friends
(some of them literally old by now, but still very young at heart). Click to enlarge:

w/Eddie Halliwell (HITEC 25/12/05)

w/BBChris on sampan, Mar 2003

w/Richard Jones (Mr. DickStock), Feb 2003

Vernon Ram (photo by Mr DickStock)

Family Lovatt @ Man Fung Seafood Rest

w/Juliette Webb & Gary Pickford

w/my Mom

NOT my brother

Beardless w/Rolf Harris (blue shirt)


w/John Cleese

w/the late Joe Strummer, ex-Clash

Marilena dancing with "Marika" Marie-Caroline Biron

w/Hattie Hayridge (Holly from Red Dwarf!) and Tim Clark (3. & 4. from left)

my Finnish wife Marilena & her nephew Pontus, Feb 2003

w/Keith Hassett, Best Man on my wedding day, 1995

Nick's Corner

w/my friend Sumo, Jan 2003

Jay Scott Kanes' book launch outside Emily's



w/LegCo member "Longhair"


Widow Twankie & friends in Lamma pantomime

w/wife Marilena

interviewing Governor Chris Patten after Bob Dylan concert in HK (1993)

kissing Rich...

w/Roy Webb and Gary Pickford (from l-r)

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Some recent "Psychedelic as Hell" computer graphics based on my "below-the-beard" photo (see first photo below,
shot by Mr. DickStock).  All graphics created in Photoshop by my "Artsy CyberGeek" friend who also created, hosts
and maintains this entire website for me for free: Lamma-Gung. Check out some of his other crazy psychedelic stuff.

Click below to enlarge:

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