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Tree Planting Day, "Lamma Forest", May 11, 2003


  1. Lamma Dragons Win Ladies Cup!

  2. Restaurant News & Updates

  3. Tree Planting Day

  4. Local Artist: Christine Dodd Myers

  5. Join the New Fight Club!

  6. Lamma Grand Prix Ring Road

  7. New Contest & Forums

  8. LAPets Photo Gallery



Welcome to all hikers & bikers,

forest-lovers & tree-huggers! (and everybody else, of course!)


Another big issue of the e-zine! Cover story and theme for this issue will be tree planting (left, from "Hong Kong Trees").

A new contest & new forums, another Artist of the Month, news from many restaurants, a pets photo gallery and other positive news make up the bulk of this bulky issue.


We've got loads of photos again in this issue, celebrating all our recent new Photo Galleries:

LAPets, Christine Dodd Meyers, Night Walk, Tiffany Aliens, Ferry Ride, Tree Planting Day and Best Party Photos from The Stick Insect Hunter. See the new drop-down menu at the top of pages!


But it's not all "Peace in Paradise" on Lamma, with details of the planned massive ring-road development, destroying much of Yung Shue Long valley! Plus a feature on personal attacks on how we've finally tackled it with a new policy, cleaned up the website and made it an inviting & friendly place for people to visit again! See Join the New Fight Club!.


For quite some time now, I've been thinking about publishing a PRINTED version of this e-zine. This would be in addition to the online version and could reach a much larger readership than the currently 500+ Internet subscribers. But finding local sponsors and advertisers to cover at least the printing costs (4-8 A4-pages, in color) would be most difficult? Charging a cover price for the print edition looks even less realistic. Any ideas? Care to share your honest opinions if there'd be any real interest for a printed Lamma newsletter?

For a feature on the history of Lamma, I'm still looking for more issues of the former Lamma Bugle and Lamma Gazette newsletters, published irregularly for most of the 1990s. I'd love to make photocopies!


Finally, a personal appeal from the editor:

This extremely time-consuming e-zine and website have zero income, being published just for fun and as a free community service. But even a semi-retired, modest-living editor has to pay bills. So, if you, a friend or any acquaintance needs any professional, experienced help, please have them contact me anytime! I've worked for 8 years in Website building, Webmastering, e-marketing, Internet consulting & project management, Web publishing, writing/editing, photography & computer graphics. See my portfolio & awards. Initial consultations are free and generous commissions will be offered for any good leads, plus my eternal gratitude!


As usual, I'd very much appreciate your feedback, opinions and suggestions for improvements. There's even a dedicated discussion topic about the e-zine on


Happy cheers from Laeng-Gung  (new nickname, from Lamma-Por)


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Emails to the Editor

Barry Swerdlow  (Contributor of the Month, April):

I had a look at your web site and e-zine and am very impressed! Thanks for crediting my pictures.

k@  (Picture of the Month, April):

Thank you very much, your appreciation is grease in the conks of my creativity,
It is fucking great and the choice of pictures is superb.
content: excellent; layout: excellent; pictures and graphics: excellent (obviously);
length: Tolstoynian. where do you find the time ?!


The e-mail newsletter is superb... The community is superb.

His Holiness  ("I'm the one and only walking, talking Living God!"):

Great zine. Great community. Just a shame about Insomniac.

Mr 3  (master to e):

I would like to say that we love your e-zine very much. the latest issue is overflowing with interesting materials. and we like your new Events Calendar too - most informative.


What a great page! Well done! Much enjoyed browsing here. What a great thing ABLE is doing too. Thanks!

Fortune Chan:

Happily send you anything for your zine... and I agree with all the others. Your zine is good.


I must admit that I haven't been to the website recently as it seems to have been taken over by trolls who squash any anything worthwhile talk (like your topic on the treatment of maids) and turn the site into a flame warzone.
The same thing happened at the website about 3-4 years ago too. Eventually Clive shut the message board and established a completely moderated message board. I don't want that to happen but what is going on now is killing the website and I know a few people who won't contribute anymore because of the trolls.
Still the site still is visually looking good, I enjoy the E-zines that you send out and appreciate the hard work that you put into it. Keep up the good work!!


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Best of the Month




A special treat this time, an aerial photo of mid-Lamma from Nov 11, 1945, sent in by "alert reader" Richard. Click to view the HUGE version where you can spot individual houses in Sok Kwu Wan!


Some more recent photos from the May Day pole dance on Power-station Beach:

Sean's beautiful photo website was featured here a few months ago.


Fat Boy  (about Granny Chan's place, which would be massively affected by the planned Ring Road development. See "Save Granny Chan!" posters):

If you would like to find a good place to sit and drink said elixir of life then go to Granny Chan's place. There is a wonderful sitting out area with a regular sophisticated crowd. If you want to make sure you get a seat you must get there early - around 8 am would guarantee a good spot to view the silly people who pass by on their way to work.


Most customers put in a good five or six hour stint of heavy drinking before wobbling off home to get a well deserved rest before going out for the evening to sample some more of this amber nectar.


PS - get yourself at least three dogs to sit by your side then you'll really be a regular.

PPS - try falling over a lot on the way home and remember to slur heavily at anyone you pass..




Dr Freud: a new member who's started free online psychoanalysis sessions for some of our more "unruly" members. He lists his occupation as "Serving the mental health of the community since a couple of weeks ago". Someone described him as: "Freud is at his funniest when he just pops up now and then (when someone is screaming out for analysis)"

He's become a regular in the new Fight Club forum, interjecting the firm & stern voice of authority into this usually very naughty playground...

bbdog: another new member, but he sounds (and looks) suspiciously like the illicit love child of bbchris & webdog! Just look at the sad-puppy-dog eyes and the all-white, innocent fur!

So far, no satisfactory explanations have been forthcoming from either one of them! The Lamma community has a need to know! Rumour-mongering and gossiping seems to be a primary human need around here!




Very interesting & informative: HK & Kowloon Ferry & their new-found speed



"Dan Yiu of the Green Cottage reflects on a greener future for Hong Kong."
Photo: Dustin Shum. © 2003 SCMP

Dan of the Green Cottage appeared in the SCMP, in extra large size! He was quoted extensively on environmental issues under a headline of "Nurturing nature".


RoadShow TV (the people behind the controversial in-bus TV shows) have been filming in restaurants & shops along Main Street on May 29.


Granny Cheung Yau Giu  (72, Wang Long) was featured on the Oxfam website, about her alu can collecting "business".

Her favourite thing: "I wish I didn't have so much work to do."

Mr DickStock:

A few weeks ago I was at a party in Beijing, met this brit who's planning to move to HK and Lamma. He's been researching the place on the web, including He told me that when I first walked in the door that night, he INSTANTLY recognized me;
"It was YOU on that mountain of beer cans with nothing but a T-shirt."
"You mean THIS T-shirt?" {I was WEARING the exact same DickStock T-shirt}.  (Editor: see photo below, by The Stick Insect Hunter. Click to link to his DickStock photo gallery).

He later said, and I quote, "I WORSHIP The Stick Insect Hunter." Those were his exact words.


Talking of DickStock 2002: Unfortunately, Dick's just lost his court case a few days ago (noise complaint from a neighbour in Po Wah Yuen), sentenced to HK$2,000!

This might put a serious dampener on any future DickStocks and a new venue might have to be found!

In the meantime, after this defeat and two tough weeks filming the SARS crisis in Beijing for American TV, Dick's relaxing with his many friends (right).




Doggy: for his selfless contributions to the set-up of the new Fight Club, coming often under attack himself, but persisting despite considerable & spirited resistance to his persistent voice of reason! He impressed some of us moderators so much that we offered him his own forum on But as a free spirit eager to beware his sense of Scottish "craic", he turned us down! How does he dare!!! And what the heck is "craic" anyway?


Website A brand-new website with the slogan "Promoting awareness of self and our world on the path to enlightenment". The web pages load even slower than this e-zine, due to a few MEGABYTE-sized but very poor-quality pictures clogging up the pages; plus loads of programming problems.

The confusing, "colourful" design is well below current private home page standards, making navigation difficult and slow.


But the content could become very interesting someday. Only news available so far: Living Island Movement fighting against the planned super prison on Hei Ling Chau Island. Sections "under construction": Lantau History, Ecotourism, Education. Let's give them a few months and then check out this site with great potential again.


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Events Calendar:


Submit YOUR events for listing here to

Check out the new, frequently updated Lamma Events Calendar!


May 16-June 15, 11-8, 5 o.p.t studio/ gallery, 5 Prince's Terrace, Mid levels: Dialogue - exhibition of sculptures & paintings by Tai Peng artists Sandra Tobias & Yoshihito Machida.








June 3-16: Nominations of Candidates for Resident Village Representative Elections: Details at


June 7, evening, Island Bar:

Latino Party (incl. farewell Luciene & Claire!):


Celebrating their win of  the Stanley Cup, the Lamma ladies will be in wild party mood!

Raffles at 9/10/11pm with many sponsored prizes!
Loads of fun & activities!


June 11/12, 1-8pm: Connell Consultants (above Luk Yu Teahouse), 604 Luk Yu Building, 24-26 Stanley Street, Central: IMAGES OF HONG KONG - Murray Zanoni, Bob Davis and other artists: "We cordially invite you to IMAGES OF HONG KONG. Watercolours, photographs, oil paintings, prints and books for sale."


June 14, 15, 21, 28, July 18, 25: Thinking Out Loud - Live! (left)


June 25, Lamma ferry pier, Central: Spaybus: Bookings with LAP at 2982-4018, or email them. More details and costs: SPCA Spay Wagon


June 28/29, Carnegie's & The Wanch, Wanchai, 1pm-late: Wanchai Live VIII: 42 bands, incl. Thinking Out Loud, The Bastards and The Yung Shue Wankers! (right)


Submit all Lamma-related events for listing:



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About My Lamma


"Record Book" of

Most hits ever: 27,051 (May 29, 2003).  Most page views ever: 4,521 (May 29, 2003).

This was the day we launched the new Fight Club, with "very enthusiastic" reactions...


Most users ever online at the same time was 13 on May 19, Mon 19:59

May was the month with the most traffic ever. It has been growing 30% every month since Jan 2003!


Month Hits Bytes Visits Page views
May 2003 0.3 million 2.9 GB 5,837 45,583


We've reached our 5,000th message on

e  (moderator and frequent contributor:

perhaps the boys would like to learn their abc's:


We've also just exceeded 300 registered members, not too shabby for a Lamma-only website: A big welcome & big cheers for mar_cus, member #300! He's only posted a single message so far:

mar_cus  (Member #300):

Hi, I'm looking for an apartment at Lamma Island. Preferably something with a roof top, close to the ferry, 2 bed rooms, etc. Rent, hmm... max 8,000.
If anyone knows about something or knows an ...


If he's willing to pay that much, he'll be most welcome by Lamma's landlords, easily & quickly finding a flat! If you know of a similar rooftop flat (see right) for hmm... max 6,000, please let ME know immediately! 


Finally, the My Lamma E-zine has had over 2,000 unique readers since issue #14, just a few months ago! A month of records all around!

  1. Lamma Dragons Win Ladies Cup!

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    June 4, Dragonboat Festival: The Lamma Dragons ladies team wins the Stanley cup, adding one more big trophy to their most impressive collection (on display in the Island Bar above)!

    We've got a photo gallery of the big day, 60 photos, submitted by Paul Davis! See some of his best pictures from the Stanley races on the right!

    Enthusiastic, warm congratulations are pouring in from all over the world:

    Del Boy  (UK, ex-Lammarite):

    Well done to the mighty Lamma Dragons for a superb result at Stanley.
    Strengthen the shelves in the Island Bar there's some big trophies on their way.

    Kel Morgan  (ex-Lammarite):

    Congratulations Dragons!!! Wish I could have been a part of it all.
    Top effort everyone!
    Cheers! Kel

    Claire Powell  (Team Captain of the victorious team):

    What an excellent end to the season for the Lamma Dragons, the Stanley cup which the ladies won in 1999 and 2001 has been brought home AGAIN! It was an excellent day and for a change, the weather was brilliant too. It has been a tough season .. made harder than usual by SARS when trying to make up numbers in the boat, attendance to training etc.. but we managed it !!

    Stanley was our biggest race, with the internationals all cancelled, (we were going to return to Penang to race in their 25th International competition) we knew we had to bring home some silverware. The competition was tough, in both the men's and women's heats. Our men fought every paddle of the way and came overall 6th in the Expat A Class Cup final and 5th in the Chinese/Expat Joint Grand Plate Final. The ladies had 2 finals, they were hard and very very close, but EVERYONE dug in and found that TIGER STRENGTH and managed to pull just that little bit harder and keep going, and it was worth it, WE WON !!

    For me personally I think it was probably one of the best days I have had paddling with the Lamma Dragons. The spirit and passion this team has is unbelievable, we NEVER give up. I would like to thank everyone for being such a brilliant team, thank you for all your support this season and THANK YOU for Stanley, you all deserve the best because WE ARE THE BEST !

    Thanks very much !! We are a very happy Lamma.. our fishermen got first and second places at Aberdeen !!!


    Claire (captain) & Luciene (website liaison) are both leaving HK for good this month! Did you join the Dragonboating fund raiser/season-end/farewell Latino Party last Saturday in the Island Bar?

    Check out the LAMMA DRAGONS WEBSITE on with pictures from 2000-2003!

  2. Restaurant News & Updates


    After the dramatic slow-down in the local restaurant business before Chinese New Year, incl. several closures, it's great to see the recent revival with redecorations, new menus, promotions, even new places opening!


    Since the record Easter crowds and the expected end to the SARS crisis, local bars & restaurants seem to have become very active and competitive again.

    Even the Best Pub poll on is becoming competitive!

    Aroy Thai and Island Bar are both leading, head to head, with the same number of votes so far, and the Deli Lamma just one vote behind!


    I've tried to keep track of all these bar/restaurant news, snapping many photos of most places (Sampan above, Man Fung Seafood on the right), but probably missed some news:


    Aroy Thai: BIG redecoration, merging the restaurant, bar and take-away, hot dark-red walls (a bit like some Thai girlie bars), big projector and TV screen (for footie games and the very latest movies), and high-class furniture (probably bought by ever-frugal Dan in some other "wholesale restaurant closure"?).


    I really liked the indomitable spirit of Dan's Refit poster: "... we're tough, us. Undaunted, even. Hah! ..." Last week, they've started a ribs promo ("Do you like meat?") on Friday nights, from 8pm. Reservations needed!

     Restaurant review, by Frazer:

    Was there last night, tremendous ribs. Really did have that 'melt-in-the-mouth' texture to them, a great addition to the Lamma food scene.
    A rack of baby back pork ribs, baked potato, bbq beans, coleslaw and a bottle of beer for $100. A bargain.
    Competition take note. Recommended to all.


    Bali Café: This new coffee shop-style eatery is part of the Bali resort house, conveniently located behind the public toilets. It had its soft opening on Easter weekend; serving hot dogs, fruit juices, sandwiches, cakes and snacks now. I'll wait for the official opening before reviewing it.


    Island Bar: Another change of management!  Chatty bloke Keith (click to enlarge) has returned from down under, after just 1 year off Lamma. He's taking over from Luciene who's emigrating to Thailand. Open from noon every day now, the regular barflies can start their marathon drinking sessions even earlier. An exhibition will start soon as well, a retrospective of Bob Davis' photographic art through most of the last century...


    Lamma Bistro:

    First the bad news:

    Cathi "got fired from the Bistro" a while ago, according to a usually very well-informed source. But even he didn't know the acrimonious details; and the e-zine hasn't (yet) turned into a gossip rag! A big loss for the Bistro, I think.

    Cathi has returned to temp-bartending in the Island Bar, where she worked years ago, before starting up her own catering business on Lamma. Anybody needs an experienced, professional food/beverage manager, stop by the Island Bar or email her.


    New manager Steve (right) has been quick to make a few changes and introduce a delicious bargain Sunday Roast:

    Lamma-Gung's Carvery Buffet review.


    The Bistro is also featuring now the first (and only?) MP3-driven sound system on Lamma. Set up by Mac guru V J, it's a tiny Apple iPod MP3 player with iTunes jukebox software, connected to an amplifier and Bose speakers.

    He's also helped to redesign their nice new printed menus. At least 5 different people have tried their hands at this amazingly "demanding" redesign (V J was #4, Lamma-Gung was #1 or #2, before last Christmas).


    Diesel's is advertising pub grub these days (left) and new chicken tikka hot dogs on weekends! Doesn't sound very much like the original American recipe to me, but let's try them anyway! They're also well-known for their frequent fun parties (left)!


    Man Kee:

    No changes. Don't mess with success! But they got a new sign, installed at night, so the welding sparks (right) looked quite impressive!


    Bookworm Café: After 5.5 years in business, they've finally acquired a liquor license. They'll soon start serving organic wines, importing some high-quality, affordable ones. They'll also open for dinner soon all week, not just on weekends. And no, this tasty brunch below is NOT from Aroy Thai, but from the Bookworm!


    Amazingly and unexpectedly, the Bookworm has become the first restaurant in YSW to offer free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi from your laptop PC, portable Mac, Pocket PC or PDA)!

    Mr DickStock's donated one of his retired gadgets (Apple AirHub) and our Mac guru V J (see his new column below) set it up.

    I came across this little review, from 5 years ago. Not much has really changed, hasn't it?

    Peter Lloyd  ("Spiritual and Alternative Hong Kong'' book, 1998):

    The Bookworm is a recently opened vegetarian cafe in Yung Shue Wan. It also doubles up as a bookstore. Initially started as a bookcafé it is now run by a co-operative of local vegetarians and Wisdom Heart attendees.
    There is a daily variety of hot dishes, salads, herbal teas and juices. Uniquely there are also middle eastern dishes such as humous and baba ganoush. Sometimes they have talk shows or show videos.


    Emily's Ice-cream Parlour: New Mövenpick premium ice-cream, Lamma-Gung's favourite! Try Walnut/Caramel and you're hooked! And then there's this controversial poster ("...sons of bitches will stop sex and violence...") by budding poet Emily, based on Martin Luther King's famous speech. Click to enlarge...


    My Café: Replacing Offtime Café, but still using all their inventory (even the placemats), they have recently started to let patrons scribble graffiti on the walls (see left), giving it quite a distinct and unique look nowadays. You need something to do in there to spend your time, while usually waiting for more than an hour, even for a set lunch or dinner, even when it's almost empty...


    Holiday Mood: You must surely have noticed the redecoration in progress right now. Exactly the same dark-red walls like Aroy Thai! Clever Dan might have had some paint left, selling it at a profit to the new Holiday Mood management! Or maybe it has become a secret part of the ever-growing Dan Kwai Fong empire!? The new manager is planning to reopen before end of June, keeping the same name and signage for the time being, trying to generate some cash flow first..


    The new manager is very friendly and approachable (good English!) and seems eager for input & ideas from locals (potential customers). So don't be afraid of letting him know your food preferences & favourite dishes! He mentioned that the cuisine will be a mix of Western & Chinese, with a big Italian influence. That might be the reason for the dark-green ceiling! Red, green and white (plates? table cloth? face of diners after a meal or seeing the bill?) make up the Italian flag.


    This means that ALL restaurants closing before Chinese New Year have reopened now! The worst seems to be over and the local dining scene is slowly recovering, hoping for great business this summer! Even small places, like this low-key "restaurant" with the best waffles in the village, are full & bustling on weekends!

    By the way, in our restaurant ratings, Blue Bird Japanese (left) is now exactly tied with Pizza Milano in popularity! So far, both got ONLY Good or Great votes! Post your own review or rating for your own favourite!


    Note for bars & restaurants: If you'd like to post your menu, specials, promotions, discount coupons, scans of printed ads, web links and photos (inside shots, signature dishes...) into our Bar & Restaurant Guide (w/reviews & ratings), you're most welcome to do so...for free!  For more details.

  3. Tree Planting Day

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    Lamma people of all ages joined in this fun family day, planting 500+ trees on top of a hill above Pak Kok!


    Check out the big photo gallery, with captions!



    (by ABLE Chairman Bobsy Jureidini):

    "the lamma forest is growing...on saturday the 10th of may the lamma community came out in force to take part in the ongoing reforestation of the scenic hills of their island. it was good to see so many families up on the hills and such an eclectic mix of people enjoying the fresh easterly winds and the hot sunshine. most people were up there for the first time and it was quite rewarding to see the delight on their faces as the realization of how well the forest is doing and the beauty of its location dawned on them.

    as always the day had its challenges, and its heroes and finally the reward of completing the task: all 500 trees safely tucked away in the rich soil of their new home overlooking the scenic hills, valleys and sea of lamma island.

    all the trees planted were native hong kong trees rich in seeds, flowers and fruits. indigenous species that will attract birds and other wild life in the coming years. thanks to the efforts of lamma people the total number of trees planted in the one area has climbed to 15,500. we estimate another 10,000 trees can be planted in and around the forest which stretches from po wah yuen in the south to pak kok in the north and from tai ping in the east to the coast in the west, covering some of the most picturesque scenes of our beautiful island.

    the species of trees (see photo gallery) were selected by experts from the kadoorie botanical farm and gardens to blend in with the local ecology. we planted 50 trees from each species.

    for ABLE CHARITY the challenge does not stop here. the trees need to be cared for especially in their initial stages by watering them as frequently as possible and that is quite a challenge as there is no water up in the hills and the task requires walking up and down with heavy water back packs... we will also be organizing forest maintenance days which will include pruning, weeding and clean ups etc...

    and that is how the forest grows with love, vision and commitment."

  4. Local Artist: Christine Dodd Myers

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    Christine Dodd Myers put on her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in May. I met her for the very first time at the Tree Planting Day, with her hubby Tony who shot all the photos here.


    Lamma Events Calendar: May 6-31, Muse Gallery, G/F, 40 Ship St, Wan Chai:


    For One Brief Shining Moment

    "First solo exhibition by Lamma-based artist Christine Dodd Myers of her paintings and ceramics, a collection of 25 new pieces related to the 7 chakras (energies) which flow through the human body."


    Mandy - $4,000

    Spirit is free - $6,000

    Out of Balance - $5,000

    Emotion in Motion - $5,000

    Celebration of Life - Not For Sale

    In Forgiveness Peace - $5,000

    Brow with Chakra Tears - $5,000

    Touching Base - $5,000

    Crown Chakra - $4,000

    Sacral Chakra With Fishes - $5,000

    Speak From The Heart - $4,000

    True Blue - $5,500


    Sacral Altar And Bowl - SOLD

    Crown Chakra Light Holder - $1,200

    Light And The Dark Altar - $1,000

    Be Yourself Altar - $1,000

    Chakra Flower Altar - $1,000

    Seven Chakra Cone - $2,500

    Celebration Of Life Bowl - $1,000

    Honour Thyself - $1,500

    Ceramic pastries

  5. Join the New Fight Club!

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    Many members and visitors have commented on the change of tone & topics on, becoming an unfriendly, aggressive, offensive place full of personal attacks that they no longer want to visit. We have recently solved this very serious problem, we hope, by introducing a new, restricted-access "Fight Club" forum, the only place on where offensive messages & personal attacks are still permitted.


    First, a little tale of caution from the former  message board  (no relation to, but an interesting site! Check it out):

    It lived only a few months in 2000 before it flamed out under an overload of personal attacks. It's still online, check it out! It's like a Lamma history lesson and most of these people are still around. It started out well enough, but within weeks it deteriorated into a flame fest full of swearing, harassment, even threats of physical violence.


    Finally, after somebody (guess who?) posted a pipe-smoking gorilla, even calling the moderator a "dickless old bloke that looks like a redundant filing clerk I see getting pissed up when I come home from work early?", he had had enough, very understandably! He called it a day and disconnected the message board from coordinator  (posted on Feb 3, 2000):
    Time to grow up...:

    Sister Chris  (posted on May 13, 2000):
    The Info regarding this Message Board

    I'm sorry but either we put an end to the juvenile jibber which is constantly polluting this notice board or else we'll have to cut the facility. One of the problems is that people wanting to post a serious message, for example overseas users wanting to get in touch with a local resident, or local residents wanting to raise serious issues, will only have it displayed for a short time before it's swept off the board by the MUS and their friends in an ongoing stream of childish blurb.

    Apart from anything else, it doesn't do much to enhance the image of Lamma residents. If necessary we'll have to bring in a controlled notice board but this just means hassle for those volunteering services for maintaining this site.

    Dear Everyone,

    This message board was started by which as all you Lammarites know is pipe-smoking Clive's.

    He was rather shocked at the amount of good and bad natured comments that were appearing on these pages. He removed the message board link from his website and replaced it with Irish jokes. Fortunately, Annie, Liz Gower and I have distracted him with environmental DO GOODERS crusades to keep him busy over there at

    In the meantime, enjoy the frivolity and insanity here at the message board and when you get bored with it all; visit the Sisters of Sharon's website

    Actually, owes a debt of gratitude to for setting up the first Lamma-based message board, leading by example and teaching us valuable lessons!

    Being very tolerant and anti-censorship, most moderators on let the personal attacks happen initially, welcoming everybody, moderating with a light hand and hoping the personal attacks would eventually cease.

    "Don't feed the trolls" (people getting a kick out of being offensive) was our motto, like on other message boards with this problem.

    But the trolls got more daring and set up multiple personalities for themselves (see Avatars littered around this feature), taking over most of the website. Admittedly, some of it was hilarious & raucous fun and very creative, especially the poetry competition and some inspired personalities. But let's hear from two of our most famous members who express it much better than I ever could:

    What's wrong with wanting a haven?

    Fortune Chan: The Lentil War (It’s all shite really)

    I've discovered a shocking potential in myself for being pompous and self-righteous in the last couple of weeks. Mind you, in the same period I've been called a FUCKING WHINGING HIPPY, a bum-bandit, and a weasel.

    The discussion forums on My Lamma have become a place where people of a happy healthy mind fear to tread. Any kind of comment, opinion, statement or public notice gets leapt on by the wolves - or by the silly wee boys who seem to have a whole lot of too much time on their hands. I'm not sure why, but I decided to rail against general nastiness and personal attacks on My Lamma, sticking firmly to the rather pathetic line of 'why can't we all just get along?' See Personal Attacks on My Lamma.

    I've noticed since that the whole of the discussions forum has been taken over by people who seem to know each other and are having a craic with their mates. Whether they are slagging each other or having a go at innocent bystanders, they are giving sly nods to each other, being immensely clever with in-jokes. There's a puerile wee gang peeing on the lamppost continuously to mark their own territory.

    What's forgotten is that My Lamma is a public forum, not a little play room for the kiddies to splash in their own scatological puddles. For folk that have no idea what they are on about, it comes over at best as incredibly stupid, at worst downright nasty. There is a lack of concern that personal abuse on a public forum will affect the person under attack. One of the merry crew once said, 'There are some people that set themselves up to have the piss taken out of them, then there are those who take the piss anyway'. Aye, well, normally you either keep your pisstake private or you admit to it and face the consequence of your opinions. If you were heard to express those opinions loudly in a pub you would either clear the bar out or get yer head to play with. Unfortunately I can't get my big mate to sort you out (I'm too much of a cringing hippy bum bandit to take yous on myself)… unless you want to start posting your real names and photos.

    What would happen now if someone unfamiliar with the petty, cliquey games on the site tapped in trying to get some info about Lamma or looking for help or advice? They would get the opinion that Lamma is populated by a shower of shites (rather than all the delicious, gentle, person-centred tree-huggers we all know we are) and avoid the site and the island.

    This will most likely spur the swine on to further depravity, and for sure, there is something in me that hopes that it does… it's a craic after all. But it's a shame that a purposeful site is now being run for the entertainment of one small group of people, who could much more easily entertain themselves passing little bits of paper along the bar in Dan's and giggling behind their hands.

    Pass the pint.


    Fortune wrote you all a poem to try and capture the stupidity of this lentil war.

    Mighty Lamma Gung
    Built a community site,
    But after a year,
    It was fight after fight

    Between the burger boys
    And the lentil folk.
    Peace Love, Lamma…
    Was now a cruel joke.

    It was war on the boards,
    Between the warring clans,
    Sausage and chips
    Versus broccoli flans

    On and on,
    Post after post.
    “You love meat”,
    “Yeah, and you bran toast."

    But what is better,
    Tofu or steak?
    A rack of ribs
    Or a lentil bake?

    Fortune don’t know
    And nor do you.
    But Fortune does know,
    It all ends as poo.




    Well, no longer! After intensive discussions of several options (banning trolls, paid subscriptions, invited-members-only) between the site administrators and some moderators, new guidelines has been established on May 29th. Click here for details.

    The site has been cleaned up, inactive forums have been deleted or merged, the other forums grouped in a more intuitive way. Stray topics have been moved into the relevant forums. A new top navigation menu with shortcuts to forums & web pages is in preparation.


    Most importantly, most of the really offensive topics & messages were moved out of the various forums into a new, so-called Fight Club forum (remember the movie with Brad Pitt? To be shown again this Sat, June 16, on TVB Pearl). Fighting, swearing and abuse is still permitted, up to a degree:

    bbChris: FIGHTERS! This is YOUR place

    Dr Freud  (self-appointed psychoanalyst of Fight Club):

    You want to insult someone, you do it in Fight Club.

    You want to have an argument, you do it in Fight Club.

    You want to abuse others, you do it in Fight Club.

    You want to argue amongst your multiple personalities, you do it in Fight Club.

    You want to type obscenities till your hands have cramped, you do it in Fight Club.

    Fights will go on as long as they have to.

    One more thing, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

    Individuals of the community have been forced to transfer from pleasure to reality-principle due to the violent contractions of a woman. This allows us to observe Rankian trauma based upon transitional birth-event angst. Subjects’ responses give us valuable insight into relationships with the Madonna archetype.

    Some rage against the mother, yearning a return to the ‘womb’. Others find the pseudoperinatal event too vivid, choosing death of identity. In one worrying case the subject gazes lovingly upon the mock-birth-giver, indicating Oedipal conflict.

    The brand-new Fight Club, moderated by our founder & Paparazzi reporter webdog, is restricted to interested registered members only! webdog warns that "You must be over 18 years old, because younger stomachs will not be able to take the vulgarity of the other members." Please contact to get access.


    Please rest assured, this is NOT the begin of censorship on My Lamma, as offensive messages (but NOT common swear words, no smut filter!) will simply be moved to the Fight Club, not censored or deleted (except in the most extreme cases)!

    All of you who've left in the last few months, please come back, have a look and give it another chance! Many new interesting topics have started up since our cleanup, a new spring of messages blossoming! For a sample, check out the new wildlife forum and the hilarious & brilliantly creative Signs you've lived on Lamma for too long!

  6. Lamma Grand Prix Ring Road

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    After all the positive news from the Tree Planting Day, we've learnt details of a new gov't proposal to build a 20-million, 3.5m wide, 1 km long "super-highway" ring road through Yung Shue Long valley, up to, but avoiding the fire station, past the schools down to Sha Po and back to Main St. It would be wide enough for a "Lamma Grand Prix" for Village Vehicles or bikes, making necessary the cutting down of numerous old trees and the resumption of huge areas of farmland, gardens and many redirections of existing roads. Discussion forum: New Motorway


    There was a site visit together with the relevant gov't departments last Friday, June 6, resulting in a story in The Standard, by Lamma's Paris Lord: Lamma protesters voice road concerns.

    My site visit photos, showing the proposed routing of this unnecessary proposed ring road, decorate this article.


    Here's my recent "Green" photo gallery of Yung Shue Long valley.


    Objections against this massive road development have to be lodged before June 16 by fax or mail, NOT by e-mail! Make your opinions known! See the new the Yung Shue Wan Ring-Road website!


    Drainage channels are scheduled to be built in September in Yung Shue Long valley as well, destroying some of the natural beauty on the left.


    Another part of the proposal wants to improve and widen the path between YSW and Hung Shing Yeh beach (used by most tourists and emergency vehicles rushing to the helipad in the Powerstation).

    Some parts of the road widening (especially Tai Wan) actually do make sense and should be done.


    Check out the Lamma Paths and Save Lamma websites for more info!

    Open letter from Liz Gower
    (also online on
    and on posters all around Yung Shue Wan):

    Sample objection letter  (cut & paste into your word processor; or get a stamped/addressed objection letter from Aroy Thai, Bookworm Café or Lamma Bistro):

    Dear e-zine readers,

    Signs have been dangling from Lamma’s notice boards and railings since April 8th advising all residents of the Highways’ Department’s intention to create a super-highway for emergency vehicle access (EVA).

    Perhaps, like me, you took a quick look at these signs and thought – ‘Hmm, road-widening – nothing too controversial there’ – and then dismissed it in the flurry of other more urgent business.

    This is my plea to you all to think again. Mishko has managed to get the full-size maps of the proposals – including a land resumption map, which details the stupefying reality of this EVA route.

    Starting at Y2K and continuing towards the tennis courts in Tai Wan Village, the proposed development will cut a swathe through shop-fronts, garden plots, green space and, most distressingly for me, through mature trees which will have to be felled to allow for the 3.5 metre wide road. In places, the plan is to ignore the existing path altogether and reroute – destroying areas which are currently wooded.

    A second branch of this EVA lurches up Kam Shan Terrace, cutting through the trees there, swings round to the basketball court and then, in a completely new road, bends in front of the fire-station and down through Yung Shue Long Valley. This is the truly mind-blowing section of the proposal. The road will cut into Yung Shue Ling hillside and around Shau Shan Terrace, eating into the forested slopes and into the green valley which we fought so hard to preserve from the Drainage Services nullah two years ago.

    There are more than just aesthetic reasons for objecting to this road. It is supposed to be an EVA, yet it doesn’t connect with the fire-station. Our emergency vehicles are designed to cope with Lamma’s rural footpaths, which have been upgraded over the last two years to match the required 1.7metre width. There is no reason to build a 3.5 metre wide EVA. This is enough to drive a full-scale fire engine around – or indeed to hold a village vehicle Grand Prix. The result of such a road will be high speed village vehicles, and the Kam Shan Terrace section is the path which leads to and from the village kindergarten and primary schools.

    In short, please take the time to send in your objections (email, snail and fax addresses are given at the end of this plea) to this absurd development. If you don’t have time to write your own letter, a selection of paragraphs follows in letter format, which you can cut and paste as you will. Alternatively, from Monday, there will be hard copy letters available in Dan’s bar and the Bookworm Café, together with stamped/addressed envelopes. All you will need to do is sign and post!

    Our deadline for objections is Monday, June 16 !

    Tel: 2810-2788, Fax: 2136 8017 and 2136 3328

    Should you have any enquiries, contact the following government officers:

    Mr. Paul Ling (Engineer, Home Affairs Department Works Section) on 2573 4403

    Mr Gavin Tse (Chief Engineer, HAD Works Section) on 2573 4348

    Mr Liu Chi Kwong Bosco (Highways Department Project Office) on 2762 3948

    Mr Hung S.Y. (Senior Engineer of Rural Road Development) on 2762 3955

    (your address)


    By post or fax (2136 8017 and 2136 3328):


    Dr. Sarah Liao

    The Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works

    Environment, Transport and Works Branch

    16/F, Murray Bldg, Garden Road

    Hong Kong




    Re: Construction of Emergency Vehicular Access at Yung Shue Wan


    Dear Madam,


    I am writing to object to the captioned development for the following reasons:


    Firstly, the required land resumption to enable this project to go ahead will damage the environment to an unacceptable level. Whilst your maps show no trees, it is clear that many mature trees along the main path towards Hung Shing Yeh, and much of the wooded slopes around Yung Shue Ling and Shau Shan Terrace will be destroyed by the proposed road. In addition, the proposed cutting of slopes and fill-slopes eat into the Yung Shue Long Valley – an area of natural beauty, and one of the few remaining wetlands in Yung Shue Wan. The environmental price is simply too high.


    Secondly, Lamma’s fire service and ambulance vehicles have been specially designed to cope with the narrow footpaths that provide access to nearly all homes. These footpaths have been upgraded at public expense over the last three years to 1.7 – 2.3 metres. This path width is more than adequate to handle the axle-width of the new fire trucks and bikes. A road of 3.5 metres is simply not needed here on Lamma.


    Thirdly, the proposed EVA fails to contact with the Fire-Station. Surely there must be a more effective way to connect the few houses in Yung Shue Long Valley to the Emergency Services. The Fire Station is within spitting distance of these houses. Does it really require a huge ring road?


    Fourth, the proposed road, if built, will result in the further danger of speeding village vehicles. As the proposed route runs along the footpaths used by infant and primary school children as they walk to and from their schools, there is a real likelihood of accidents and injury.


    Fifth, I would invite you to visit Yung Shue Wan as a matter of urgency to view the proposed area once you have taken objections into account. I would also like to see an open public discussion forum, similar to the one carried out recently by CED regarding a proposed helipad construction in Yung Shue Wan.


    I hope that you will take my objection into consideration, and that you will not grant this project authorization. I look forward to hearing from you and remain


    Yours faithfully,


    More sample letters from Save Lamma


    Background materials:


    Gazette of Plan:  web page PDF file

    Simple & easy Ring Road map  (from Alan)

    Ring Road map w/annotations  (Save Lamma, 1,222*1,489)

    Map of land resumption from private owners
         (Save Lamma, 114KB, 1,170*1,474)

    Original gov't works map  (258KB, 1,280*1,146)

    Original gov't land resumption map  (166KB, 1,061*1,200)

  7. New Contest & Forums

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    Walking around Yung Shue Wan, you never know what surprises await you. Stepping into the new Articles shop (opposite the Bookworm Café), there was a fashion shoot going on!


    Co-owner Chris was lying on the floor, taking digital pictures of a customer. She volunteered to model one of their colourful Chinese costumes. As a nice gesture & modeling fee, she could keep it!


    I was looking at their fancy kitchenware, wondering about what some of them could be used for. That's when the idea of the latest My Lamma contest was born! Win a kitchen utensil of your choice by entering our simple contest!

    There's also a 50% off sale right now for locals!


    Do YOU consider advertising or have a good idea for a free promotion for YOUR shop or restaurant? Contact the editor!

    Two new forums this month!

    Flora & Fauna by our resident expert in Tai Peng.
      (Photo by anonymous Lamma resident)

     Zep  (Tai Peng):

    Have you ever wondered what that bird is? or that tree? or that flower? or that disgusting creature with lots of legs crawling up your trousers?

    This forum has been started at Lamma-Gung's invitation to be a focus for any queries of this kind. I am something of an amateur, but may be able to get in touch with more expert witnesses to answer harder queries...

    Finally, a regular Mac Guru help column, moderated by V J
    , Lamma's Mac expert user and senior consultant. Here's his first column:

    All you ever wanted to know about Mac OS X Jaguar (see right).


    He's also set up his own message board to answer all Macintosh-related questions. Currently in test mode on his own Mac acting as a web host! Announcement in the next e-zine!


    V J is also starting a Lamma Mac Users Group: "No dues or anything - just an informal gathering in Farmer Eo's Cybercafé (opposite Bookworm Café). Demonstrations, discussion, food & beer, exchange of ideas, software, techniques etc. Interested parties to contact me, suggest time most suitable for them. Maybe monthly meetings.

  8. "
  9. LAPets Photo Gallery

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    While I was working on redesigning the Lamma Animal Protection website, Sheila overflowed my email inbox several times with HUNDREDS of photos!


    I noticed how many beautiful pet photos she had collected over the years. No wonder she won the Animals category of the My Lamma Photo Contest a few months ago! See my selection of her best photos: LAPets photo gallery.


    On the same topic, here's an animated entry from the personal website of Ed Williams' baby son, in the category of "Stupid Dog Tricks".

    Still on the same topic, do you remember Morrison, the old gentle giant of a dog, who died a few weeks ago after an emergency stomach operation?

    "A Lady" actually wrote a heart-warming, nice and gentle

    Poem for Morrison.  Only on Lamma...

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Coming Soon


Next E-zine (#23), to be published on July 1:

1 year of (Jul 23):

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Signs you've been living on Lamma for too long!


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