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washing machine belt... or else
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Author:  remi [ Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  washing machine belt... or else

As you maybe know from my previous post I had a problem with my washing machine which in fact blew a belt. I went to the whirlpool service center at the end of the (HK) world and they sold a new one for 360 $. Back home I discovered it was the wrong belt, not only the wrong size but also the wrong profile. I went back to the end of the world and there they told me that my belt was not a whirlpool belt. Somebody should have change the belt and probably he motor. I told them it was imposible because I bought the brand new machine 2 years ago and the only thing that was changed after only 2 month of use were the electronics part (last time I buy a "made in europe" machine in china). I dicussed a bit more and finally understood that their machines were italian whirlpool products but mine was probably canadian (because the belt is from a canadian brand). It means that the small shop at YSW didn't buy it through whirlpool but through an other chanel. Wow ! Good news ! This is a good reason NOT to buy to YSW shop I think because if we have called Whirpool repair service they couldn't have done anything for us! I discussed the case a bit more with the guy at whirlpool and finally he told me that I could maybe find a spare belt at sham shui po market near Yau Ma Tei. So he refound me for the 360$, I took my old belt, walked 2 km, found a MTR to Yau Ma Teil and.... after a not so difficult search I finally found a small shop where a guy looked at my old belt, mesured it carefully, checked the profile, searched for a time in his stocks, produced a very large belt the same length, cut it to the good size, and sold it to me for 40$. Perfect size. Perfect belt. It works ! Amazing!
So, if anybody needs a belt... just tell me. remimarie(at)

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