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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:04 am 
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UFOs vs. 2 Gigs. ~ by Nick the Bookman

"Veering between mind-expanding wonderment and mind-numbing exasperation."

What is going on in Nepal? There seems to be a spate of UFO reports made from there in the past few months. The most interesting piece of footage was shown to me on 14/3/2018 by Matt (aka M.J.). Part of an evidence trail on Facebook. This upload is filmed at night and shows a hilltop with some slightly stunted trees (maybe 20-25 feet in height). Above that is some sort of hovering "drone" that might be about 6 feet tall. As the "drone" floats upward, the sky space above it is suddenly filled with a neon white bright light, shaped like a diamond. The "drone" penetrates the white light and disappears from view, just prior to the parallelogram blipping out of existence. What did I just see? The simplest answer seems to be a small "drone" returning to its invisible "Mothership" which is undetectable in any visual spectrum. It might well register on radar as a "bogie", but you can't see it. I think the white light is shining from an opening in the "mothership"'s hull. The light might be used for sterilisation of the "drone".

Basically, this is Klingon Cloaking Device Technology at work in our real current space/time. Future technology at the very least. There are ample films available of UFOs blip-blinking in and out of our space, but this is the first I've seen to this level of observation. Hell, maybe it wasn't a "drone" either. Perhaps it was picking up the late Stephen Hawking who died aged 76 on 14/3/2018? Nah, that's silly humour, masking the sadness that Earth has lost its 21st Century astrophysical icon. A man as important as Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein to name just two. What with John Young, the second man to return to the Moon, dying in early January, it's not looking like a good year for our Futurists.
Follakzoid-IMG_1195.jpg [ 73.92 KiB | Viewed 2419 times ]

I had the pleasure of enjoying an excellent gig on 7/3/2018. At Huge thanks to Al for getting the tickets. The group is called Föllakzoid. They are a trio comprising Diego Garcia on drums, Camilo Palma on synths and Domingo Garcia on guitar and occasional vocals. Mark Peters wrote a brief piece about the band in the SCMP Magazine of 4/3/2018. He describes the band better than I can, so over to Mark. Föllakzoid are a "Chilean psych-rock outfit" who specialise in playing the borders between "lengthy Krautrock jams and monolithic trance". If you've got your right head on, the music is pummelling, incessant and veers between mind-expanding wonderment and mind-numbing exasperation. Like a more techno version of the Grateful Dead doing Drums/Space. There are 60's acid rock licks. Late Noughties grinding pulsing electronics. Bluesy guitar ripples. Echovox and distorted licks, fading, blurring and crunching back at ya.
28685153_1602441676544189_5205630087944208384_n.jpg [ 86.46 KiB | Viewed 2410 times ]

Diego the drummer anchors the whole show with his solid playing. He gets the Seal of Approval from Drummer Paul who I've not seen since Clockenflap. The journey is rewarding. The trio are happy to make their local debut alongside local band Life Was All Silence. Not when they're playing, it's not. The band treat the audience to some weird and wonderful post rock performances that remind me and many others of <BEAK>, formed by Geoff Barrow, ex-Portishead. Plus quieter, moody tone pieces like late night electronica. A pity less than 100 people could be bothered to turn up. But we know who we are. Most of the audience was also at the Michael Rother and Roedelius gigs from last year (or was it 2016?). A discerning little sub-culture and we all like our Noise!

After the show, I manage to get a brief chat with Föllakzoid. It's their HK debut. They're blown away by the response and they are leaving the following day. Camilo takes a photo of "the page" in my notebook. It's an all-purpose stop and shop with details about Lamma, my Gmail address, my Mixcloud DJ site, "Isle Be Damned" and plenty of UFO/ET related sites on YouTube. Diego tells me he's a big fan of "Aliens On The Moon - The Truth Exposed". I think he'll also like "The Alien Interview" which has about 3 minutes of silent footage of a grey alien, possibly undergoing telepathic communication. Not sure when the film was shot, but it was released in 1996 and hasn't been debunked to my knowledge.
Alien-Interview-IMG_1191.jpg [ 155.78 KiB | Viewed 2419 times ]

And "Sirius" which deals with the discovery of a six-inch something from The Atacama Desert. The movie says early DNA tests indicate a possible hybrid human/ET. but AL tells me later that the specimen is wholly human - even if it doesn't look it. Anyway, the picture covers of the two DVD's (I bought them in HK) and they're worth watching. More and More I get the feeling that We Are Not Alone. I dealt with this issue in an earlier story a couple of years ago entitled "7, 0 and X" - the three realities that intersect our world view.
Sirius-IMG_1189.jpg [ 139.45 KiB | Viewed 2419 times ]

Seeing that I've been in reverse mode throughout this piece, it makes sense that the last part of this story pays late tribute to Vince Loden, Lamma's latest Pensioner. He organised the first ever gig at the Fountainhead to celebrate and rounded up Red Star Rising to perform. Not a lot of people there, but the band had room to play and there was some lovely scoff to be had. Red Star Rising are now officially a quartet. Steve Cray on lead guitar and throaty vox. Chicago Dave on fine blues harmonica and John on thumping Bass, married to Al's powerhouse drumming.

The vocals were a bit weak as Steve's been under the weather, but it was a return to their obscure punk roots. There's a growly bluesy scare thrill version of "Red Claw" and a sci-fi tip of the hat to "When Worlds Collide". And everyone's favourite Red Star Rising tune "Shopping Malls" has most of the crowded pub singing along in confused joy. I know there were other songs, but my pen stopped writing .. oh, except for a brand new song called "Stoli In The Freezer" which is causing Steve to get "amnesia" and "have a seizure". That one could be a big drinking hit. Someone has written something about the Tinhead being sort of Lamma's version of The Cavern (where The Beatles got better) and I suppose this seems a good enough place to stop.

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