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The LAWC Wish List
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Author:  e [ Fri Nov 08, 2002 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  The LAWC Wish List

Although the successful garage sale of Oct 27 & Nov 3 has brought in extra income for Lamma Animals, this society is still in dire need of help from the community. Because LAWC is relatively new and has very few resources, almost all of its operational expenses are now paid up by its members and volunteers. In order that LAWC could extend its work to help more animals, the continued support of the community becomes indispensable. Here is a Wish List from LAWC listing out items that LAWC needs. If you have any of these items to spare, please think about giving them to LAWC. You can rest assured that all donations will be used directly on/for the animals. And, better still, if you have time to spare, please consider giving LAP a hand with the voluntary work listed. Call LAWC at 2982-0800. Thank you.

The LAWC Wish List

1 Cat/Kitten food
2 Puppy/Dog food
3 Kitten/Puppy milk
4 Cat litter
5 Cages
6 Clean Towels, blankets, sheets for animal bedding
7 Cat carriers
8 Disposable aluminum roasting trays (litter trays for sick cats)
9 New cat/dog toys
10 Cat scratching pads/posts
11 Collars, Leads/harnesses
12 Paper towels
13 Intravenous saline solution
14 Illium ear mite solution
15 ivermectin
16 Printing and copying for brochures, flyers etc.
17 Bulletin board/white board
18 Filing cabinet
19 Bookshelves
20 Folding step stool
21 Wire for enclosures
22 Cleaning equipment
23 Dog houses/crates
24 Cat/Dog beds
25 Traps
26 Heavy cloth for covering cat traps
27 Cat litter trays
28 Plastic storage containers (stackable)
29 Cotton wool
30 Hot water bottles
31 Small paper/plastic plates
32 Baby wipes
33 Frontline/advantage (fleas control)
34 Disinfectants (T4)
35 Cat/Dog shampoo
36 Envelopes, paper and ANY office supplies.
37 Office chairs
38 Shelves for storage
39 Dust buster
40 Premises

Volunteer Help Needed!
1 Foster homes for cats/dogs
2 Transporting animals to and from HK island
3 Trapping feral cats for neutering and vet care
4 Feeding feral cats in their controlled colonies
5 Distribution/pasting of posters for cat/dog adoption & special events
6 Publicity; writing and or phone follow up
7 Fundraising; planning and event day volunteers
8 Organize awareness/education monthly events
9 Sponsor a cat & dog program,
10 Donation box program Coordinator
11 Humane Education Program
12 Shelter Research; seeking shelter space & land for boarding/fostering
13 Wood work/metal work services (maintenance)

Author:  Insomniac [ Sat Sep 04, 2004 1:09 am ]
Post subject: 

Guide to social responsibility.

Author:  Myricae+ [ Thu Jun 29, 2006 3:33 am ]
Post subject:  Tara and Flora: vote for tem

Two Lamma/italians dogs are in a online photographi competitio, today Tara she is 3th!!!
Pls give your votes to 2 lamma/italians dogs! :thumb-up:
The website is not very clear vote to : Tara, Flora, Ciao! (with boths)
Bau = Wolf

Author:  Vanoclamma [ Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

Wait. why are we bring dogs or cats, to or FROM the city. I though LAWC was only for Lamma homeless animals?

Anyways, I wrote to the Lomography International Society, about an art project. You know how these kids have the Lolcats. Why not have LOLmocats/dogs, exhibit of Lomographers (Lomography= this strange art form involving really silly photo (abstract art), distorted photos, using really shitty Commie cameras from old Russia. You take random photos using a bunch of strange techniques, and Volia modern art).

So why not go around Lamma, hong Kong, and other places where strays live (peferably the non violent ones, or non Rabies ones), and or take photos of our pets, and then use those as an exhibit to bring awareness to the plight of homeless pets, raise supplies for non-kills... I wonder what they'll say?

Anybody want to work on this project?

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