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#12  (Mon, Nov 18, 2002)

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"My Lamma Weekly E-zine" #12  (Mon, Nov 18, 2002)

Sex Poll of Lamma-ites


Busy nightlife on Yung Shue Wan Main Street?

Table of Contents:

  1. Pedestrians vs. (W)reckless Bikers
  2. Sex Poll of Lamma-ites
  3. LAP's Cover Story
  4. "Psychedelic as Hell!"
  5. Meeting Chow Yun Fat
  6. Lamma Fun Day Stalls
  7. CD/VCD/DVD Exchange
  8. We know (almost) NOTHING about the Universe!


Hello to our sometimes sex-starved, often sex-obsessed, but always sexy readers!

Did the headline this week catch your attention?

Yes, we know our readers' interests & desires; and we don't need any demographic studies to tell us!

But we're launching a sex poll anyway this week, trying to learn more about the deepest, darkest secrets of your love life! We're an R- but not X-rated online publication, so no sexy pictures...


Sorry for the 3-day delay in the e-zine this week!
It was caused by several Netvigator Broadband SW/HW problems! For more details, see:

We also present more new hard facts (plus rumours, insinuations & innuendo) in the on-going struggle between pedestrians, bikers and VV drivers, causing occasional emotional and even physical casualties.


Plus several features about celebrity-spotting:

Chow Yun Fat on Lamma, LAP personalities in Ming Pao Weekly and Nick on the Web.

Cheers from Lamma-Gung & Lamma-Po  (see below for more about her)

E-mails to the Editor:


Sheila (LAP):

" is a very impressive site, I love living on Lamma too, and I am glad the site has such support."

Guido (Switzerland):

"Nice e-zine, looks like a lot of action is going on on your island. You make this all by yourself, pictures & all?"

Touched by God:

"Thanks for the advice!! Your website on the Island is exactly what I am looking for!! Very nice indeed!"

Doggy (Lamma FunDay organiser):

"Thanks for promoting the Nepali Party at the Deli Lamma! Just to let you know, it was a great success... 60 people came for the food, the bar was very busy while Douglas did his talk and showed a video about the Child Welfare Scheme, Debbie sold $3,000 worth of raffle tickets (popular booze prizes) and the place packed right out front and back for the DJs. This will go a long way towards sponsoring the same group of Nepali kids through the vocational training centre for their second year."

Website of the Week:


New regular feature this week!
Discovering new Lamma-related websites is one of many obscure hobbies of Lamma-Gung... and he likes to share his discoveries: The shop opposite Cafe Bookworm selling Tillandsia (root/soil-less plants) sculptures has put up a colourful, hand-drawn/painted website full of quirky personality, creative passion and beautiful photos & artsy animations..


It's mostly in Chinese, but really worth a look! Afterwards,
rush out and get one of Eo's equally quirky Tillandsia sculptures!

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  1. Pedestrians vs. (W)reckless Bikers!


    This topic has obviously hit a raw nerve with many of our members, especially the bikers!

    It has become the hottest topic with the most messages ever (over 60) so far amongst the many hundred topics on! This heated debate is just raging on and on:


    We have first-person accounts of VV accidents, like a VV trashing a (baby-less) push chair last week,

    accusations and charges of "(w)reckless walking",

    the "old accidental umbrella in the spokes of a speeding bike" trick,

    suggestions that "bloody-minded pedestrians" should "all jog and keep up in wheeled traffic",

    plus fantasy raids against bike wrecks at the ferry pier (see ink drawing by Eleanor above) and

    building a modern sculpture with them on top of the "police box"...

    While I'm writing about transportation issues, find contact details, prices and first-hand experiences about late-night sampan rides from Aberdeen, well after the last ferry services:

    "World of Lily Wong" by Larry Feign. (used with permission from the cartoonist)

    We need those late-night sampans, till our petition for late ferries will have more supporters!

  2. Sex Study of Lamma-ites

    Our last week's intrepid investigative reporter "Smart Webdog", revealing & exposing Ms. B, has turned into "Sexy Webdog" this week.


    He's starting a most serious & scholarly academic research project, a demographic study polling Lamma-ites on:

    "At what age did you have your first sex?"


    Multiple choice answers range from "0-15 (please give your details so that LammaNetPolice can follow-up)", to "I'm an old virgin". More embarrassing questions to be announced very soon!

  3. LAP's Cover Story

    The Lamma Animal Protection (LAP) made it onto the cover of the supplement of the "Ming Pao Weekly" last Sunday! They also have a long wish list for their great cause! Have a look!

    Our members Sheila, John, "cat foster parents" (soon-to-become-member) Cecilia and our famous e featured on several pages with dozens of photos, plus LAP sales pics & pet care tips!
    Even our publicity-hungry bbchris managed to sneak into one of the Ming Pao Weekly photos:


    e (LAP):

    "do u remember webdog has once posted a topic called "what's your favourite position?" mr 3 has replied something like "tummy side up, legs bent, human slave scratching under chin". well, here's mr 3 demonstrating this!"

    More on pets, there's a VICIOUS "Dog and cat fight" in heated progress! Formerly good friends are hissing, clawing and scratching at each other, fighting for ultimate dominance in this age-old, epic struggle:

  4. "Psychedelic as Hell!"


    This title was Nick's design brief for his new website.

    (See some of my first psychedelic results on the left, based on a "FCC - Honorably Mentioned" photo by Mr. DickStock)


    But getting enough material & input from Nick has proven quite difficult, even though he's very enthusiastic about getting his own website.


    All I could get so far are his CD/concert reviews and DJ Nixmix CD-Rs. Almost no photos, no bio, no welcome message, not even moving business promos.


    Do YOU have any materials (photos, stories, anything) about Nick that you'd like to see on his website? Funny, embarrassing, silly, even serious stuff would be welcome!

  5. Meeting Chow Yun Fat

    Mr. Lamma-Gung & Mrs. Lamma-Gung (Lamma-Po), had a most surprising and joyous encounter last Sunday morning, very close to Nick the Bookman's place!


    A tall Chinese guy with his baseball cap pulled down over his forehead and his head lowered, walked briskly down Back Street, trying hard not to be recognised...


    But no escape from my wife's sharp eyes spotting his unmistakable & oh-so-handsome features right away! "Hello, Mr. Chow!", she chirped before I even recognised him. "How are you" he replied, rushing on after slowing down just a little bit, probably trying to catch the 11:15am ferry.

    Lamma-Po was so amazed that she even forgot to greet him in Cantonese... In just a few seconds he was gone, around the corner into Main Street, and our short brush with fame vanished. Slow-witted Lamma-Gung was left asking "Who was that?" and was much too slow to take out his camera...


    "Hello, Mr. Chow!"

    "How are you!"

    Exchange between Lamma-Po and Chow Yun Fat

    (Nov 10, 2002, 11:05am
    Yung Shue Wan Main St)

    Lamma-Po was over the moon for many hours, calling her friends & relatives, telling our neighbours. So happy & exuberant like a giggly fan girl, it was quite a joyous sight. Last time I saw her that happy, I believe, was at a diamond-ring-related event...


    I like Mr. Chow a lot, especially in John Woo movies; but Lamma-Po has grown up seeing him in so many TV soap operas, growing from "Fat Tsai",
    the charming & handsome boy next door, into the world-famous movie star.


  6. Lamma Fun Day Stalls


    Need some extra cash for Christmas? ... Want to help a child welfare charity?
    Rent a Lamma Fun Day stall on Dec 8!

    Just $250 for the day ($500 for food stalls)!

    They're also still looking for "able bods" as volunteers:

    Lamma-Gung & webdog might be there distributing flyers, based on that week's e-zine (similar to the DickStock flyer).


    I was also thinking about creating "digital caricatures" of Fun Day visitors on the spot.


    Something similar to the computer graphics of Nick above, but prettier and more "decorative", as a kind of unique, personalised Fun Day souvenir.

    Do you think people would be willing to spend a little cash for charity for a digital caricature of themselves or their friend, baby, dog, pet turtle?


    But first, I'd have can find a laptop to connect my digicam & color printer! Any tips?

  7. CD/VCD/DVD Exchange

    Following an idea by our member kevin, we've opened a free online exchange for your shiny silver disks.


    Anything goes, be it music CDs, movie VCDs or DVDs, even the wok-sized old laserdisks or black vinyl records are welcome to be exchanged. Just list the items in your collection that you've loved before, but not any more:

  8. We know (almost) NOTHING about the Universe!

    This must be the weirdest topic of the week, debated by the three weirdest people on this website:


    It starts with deep existentialist despair and nihilistic desparation, but quickly moves on to "Goats in Space" and the well-known phenomenons of Lamma time warps. But then it quickly degenerates into maniacal laughter, sightings of various Dark Matter and Mr. Excreman comics...

    For a more scientific discussion on Lamma "Gravity pockets":

    Next Week:

    More L(amma)-topics:


    Launch of My Lamma Photo Contest!
    Looking for more moderators

    Libelous twaddle & balderdash, spurious claims & outright crackpottery

    Lamma's Dark Side?

    Local luminaries