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#11 (Fri, Nov 8, 2002)

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"My Lamma Weekly E-zine" #11  (Fri, Nov 8, 2002)

The last-but-best DickStock 2002 photo in this e-zine (from Official Photographer).
Lamma-Gung, the Artsy Cyber-Geek, ran it through several Photoshop filters:
Mouse over to see the psychedelic results!
For more psychedelia, click here!

The Happiest Man
on Lamma!


Table of Contents:

  1. Ms. B Revealed & Exposed!
  2. Lamma Photo Contest
  3. "The Happiest Man on Lamma!"
  4. Nepali Night @ Deli Lamma
  5. YOUR Home Pages & Blogs
  6. DickStock Photo Comix
  7. "Miserable Episcopalian Carcass!"
  8. Looking for Work?

Hello to all my friends & enemies & frenemies!

Many new topics this week, from tabloid-style sleaze & photo comix to a new, even bigger contest, restaurant reviews, looking for work, promoting your home pages & hurling colorful archaic insults!

Something interesting for every Lamma-ite in this e-zine, I hope!

If you like it, please forward this e-zine to your friends to enjoy!
If you don't,
please forward the e-zine as well, but to your enemies, to annoy them!

E-mails to the Editor:

e wrote:

So nice that you and ah-por dropped by at LAP's stall yesterday.
I was reading the e-zine this morning and I found this latest issue even more interesting than previous ones. not just because you reported on LAP's sale of last week and you put my lovely pic in there.

I log-on to the almost every day, so I have gone through almost all the topics posted. But with you editing, it's like I'm reading them all for the first time again.
ah-gung, you can really work wonders!

The e-mails are so positive, it's starting to become embarrassing! Still no negative feedback!

How can I improve the e-zine further without criticism? I've added a new navigation box after each feature below, lettng you navigate this e-zine more easily & e-mail feedback (praise & otherwise) from any story.


All e-zines (HTML version) can be viewed from the top of every page on,

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Cheers from (exhausted-after-finishing-this-e-zine)

  1. Ms. B Revealed & Exposed! is proud to present an exclusive, sensational, all-new, first-hand, undercover story this week!

    Not Ms. A, not Ms. C, but Ms. B has been revealed and exposed by the Paparazzi Team! Our investigative reporter, nicknamed "Smart Webdog" has discovered the secret hiding place of Ms. B!
    Resistance is futile, our Paparazzi Team is capable of finding you ANYWHERE!


    We wanted to launch an undercover search for Ms. B, but is just a little, non-profit, no-income, online-only (so far!) publication. We couldn't afford the airfare to the exotic island paradise (Mauritius), where Ms. B is currently hiding from the media.
    Poor us, we could hardly afford the ferry to leave this exotic island paradise (Lamma Island).

    The celebrity, the reigning Miss, has formerly denied having a secret hiding place:

    She dared to taunt in public on Oct 19!

    she wrote:

    I have a blog nowadays!!! Thanks Lamma-gung for telling me about them in the first place!!!!! I wont tell u where it is though!!! hahahahahahaha


    Our "Smart Webdog" could not let this brazen challenge stay unanswered! He googled her name on the Internet, and found a long historic trail of DOZENS of sites documenting the infamous online exploits of Ms. B. Then he uncovered her public but extremely secretive Blog (web log)!

    A major journalistic discovery, surely worthy of the Pulitzer Prize!


    Here are some of the deepest, darkest secrets of BBChris never being exposed or published on before!

    BBChris wrote in her Blog:

    ...YES there lots of topless women here. AND topless men Oh and the creole women & men - oh la la. Some of the men are TALL! hahahaha And a lot of people seem to have tattoos...

    Will all my past boyfriends sell their stories to The National Enquirer and The Sun?

    So talking about bras, g-strings etc. is important to me. hahahha

    I'm a bloodsucker!!!!

    My favourite Instrument.........I mean you can pose with it, jump up & down with it, make noises rubbing things against it, plus it looks really cool...


    Unfortunately, we haven't been able yet to obtain a topless photo, a must for any sleazy tabloid, offline or online! We're working hard on lowering the ethical standards of HK publishing even further!


    Turning the tables, Googling "webdog" led us to, where they offered us to have "Webdog on your Site". We have him already and we're very lucky and happy to have him, thank you! lets you track news from companies with interesting names like: Crack Dot Com, G.O.D., Human Head Studios, Mumbo Jumbo Games, Rebel Boat Rocker, Rogue, Vicious Software...
    There seems to be a lot that our webdog is not telling us! A secret life maybe? Maybe we should make him the subject of our next investigation! Would you like that? Click below to tell us!

  2. Lamma Photo Contest

    On the right you can see a few of Lamma-Gung's recent photos.

    I'm sure YOU could do a much better job than these amateur snapshots! Show us your stuff!

    We're launching a Lamma Photo Contest soon, giving you an opportunity to showcase your own Lamma photos to all your friends on and off Lamma!

    Questions for YOU:

    What categories & prices would be attractive to photographers?

    What rules? (Lamma-ites taking photos of Lamma-related topics only, shot in 2002, submitted digitally?)


    I'm planning to use the 52 best shots for a weekly 2003 Lamma-rama calendar (online and maybe printed, if we could find a sponsor), also promoting the weekly/monthly photo in the e-zine and on the home page. Watch this space!

  3. "The Happiest Man on Lamma!"

    No, it's not Mr. DickStock above!

    According to our new member Norseman, it's the cheerful Ah-Can from Tropicana on Back Street (ad poster right from Lamma-Gung):

    Norseman wrote:

    If there was an award for 'The Happiest Man on Lamma', the guy who works at this place would win it hands down. Early in the morning, going to the ferry, hung-over and pissed off, I think he is a better picker-upper than the coffee he serves.


    Our Lamma Bars & Restaurants (Reviews & Ratings) forum has become THE most popular one recently. Webdog & I have been adding logos & photos we shot recently, plus linking menus and promotions we let all bars & restaurants post for free by themselves...

    Read the fun story of webdog's wedding reception in Copacabana and all the often outspoken, temperamental & entertaining opinions about popular local restaurants, for example:

    shonky wrote:

    Any chance of a few more vegetarian options?
    Not for me, you understand, but my wife has this strange culinary disability...

  4. Nepali Night @ Deli Lamma


    CWS Nepal LogoOn Saturday, Oct 9, 7:30pm, there'll be a fundraising party in Deli Lamma, supporting the same Child Welfare Scheme in Nepal like the Lamma Fun Day on Dec 8  (stall applications available now at Green Cottage!).

    $120: Nepali dinner, speech, from 10pm onwards, local & international DJs will kick out the beats! Support the children, while having a great time!

  5. YOUR Home Pages & Blogs

    We've outed BBChris' Blog, but there must be more Lamma Blogs & personal home pages out there! Most of them want the world to know about it, getting more visitors!

    Let Lamma-Gung know and he'll link you from the Home Pages section of our popular Lamma Links page, so more visitors can find your beautiful Home Page or Blog!
    Just this week I've added the home pages of quirky Farmer Eo (opposite Bookworm Cafe) and the outstanding Bob Davis Photography!
    If your home page is not beautiful yet, Lamma-Gung can give you free advice on how to improve it, or even build you a low-cost, professional & much nicer home page!

  6. DickStock Photo Comix

    DickStock wrote:
    As Officer Heywood distracts me with Lamma-Gung's "MyLamma" ezine {which he ripped off the ferry pier wall} Sgt Pang slowly, carefully reaches for his can of mace....

    webdog wrote:
    After Dick's explained to them that DICKSTOCK is about nothing but sex, drugs, alcohols and rock&roll, both Officer Heywood and Sergeant Pang are impressed and content.

    Lamma-Gung wrote:
    Rock'n'Roll? YES!!
    Sex? Maybe, later, after the concert...
    Drugs? "What drugs?" asks Mr. DickStock, who is "JUST HAVIN' FUN", before tuning in, turning on and dropping out...

    Read the continuation of this on-going photo comix:

    Also, check out the strange old tales by our Lamma Oldster, the krazy k@, and the other, non-DickStock Dick the Photographer in "Dick's Strange Tales":

    The web slaves of the Official Court Photographer of Mr. DickStock have just redesigned the Official Photo Gallery & Official Hall of Fame of DickStock! Over 200 DickStock photos are now even easier to browse, enjoy & download:

  7. "Miserable Episcopalian Carcass!"

    Do you like to hurling colorful archaic insults at your vast collection of arch-enemies?

    You don't have any arch-enemies? not even non-arch-enemies? Go out and make some enemies! It's so easy! So you can start hurling colorful archaic insults! Don't miss out on all the fun, you "Flighty Flibbertigibbet", or the "Pompous, Swaggering Old Windbag" (Lamma-Gung?) will get you!

  8. Looking for work?

    Norseman wrote:
    There are builders, electricians, movers, exhibition specialists, graphic and product designers, printers etc. and somewhere along the line everybody needs them. I have met a lot of people who have come here with spouses (male and female) who are specialists in a certain field but have come here and can't find a proper job and are doing menial work just to get a bit of cash through the door.

    Instead of outsourcing to strangers, would it not be better to use this forum for people to post any jobs they need doing or for people looking for work or freelance jobs to let people know they are around.

    We couldn't agree more with Norseman! We have already a "Directory of Lamma Services" where anybody can advertise their services. We have a handful of people already, but need a LOT more!
    Plus a just renamed "Work" forum where you can list any type of work or project you need done, joining the growing number of people who have listed their skills already!

    These two forums are linked from the Quick Menu at the top of every page on our website.

    Next Week:

    Launch of Lamma Photo Contest!
    Northern Lamma School in the spotlight
    Phenomenon of the Lamma Time Warp
    Nick the Bookman's new website