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My Lamma e-zine #9  (Fri, Oct 25, 2002)

Lamma Event of the Year!


My Lamma e-zine #9  (Oct 25, 2002)
Special edition: Music on Lamma

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Table of Contents:

  1. DICKSTOCK 2002, Saturday, 26 Oct
  2. Guitarist Wanted by Classy Rock Goddess!
  3. "Very Personal" CD by Ip Kee May
  4. Orgasm Birds @ Birdos Anonymous
  5. Nick the Bookman & DJ & Concert Critic
  6. Lamma Fun Day, Dec 8
  7. "Have you been living on Lamma long time?"
  8. Dogs, Cats & Children in Danger!

Welcome, music lovers, to this special "Music on Lamma" issue of My Lamma!

The musical event of the year on Lamma is coming up this weekend! Read all about it on!

Plus several more musical topic this week:
Looking for a hot guitarist, funny concert reviews, Lamma songs by May Ip, and... orgasm birds!
Also, read about the up-coming Lamma Fun Day and local poisoning threats to pets & children!

All current & past e-zines (a nicely formatted, printable version with pictures) can now be viewed from the top of every page on My Lamma, plus a new "Quick Menu" for the most popular sections.

Cheers from music-loving but tone-deaf ==>

  1. DICKSTOCK 2002,
    Saturday, 26 Oct

    The concert of the year on Lamma will be held tomorrow in the BIG garden of Mr. DickStock himself in Nga Kau Wan, just beyond Po Wah Yuen, see map above.

    The following four bands will perform:
    The Bastards, Thinking Out Loud,
    Yung Shue Wankers
    and Laid.

    Info poster and map for directions:

    You'll have the opportunity to meet most of the movers & shakers behind
    , incl. webdog and bbchris, distributing a flyer of this e-zine to the crowds.

    Yours truly will be hiding behind trees & bushes, taking candid & embarrassing digital snapshots for next week's e-zine...

    There'll be a group photo opportunity for all registered members!

  2. Guitarist Wanted by Classy Rock Goddess!

    "Chris & Chris", the famous song-writing duo (centre of photo), made it onto Radio 3 for a live interview this week.

    Besides two great new tracks, much of the interview consisted
    of bbChris laughing out loudly her patented and trademarked Hahahahahahahas, so (in)famous on by now.

    Why her band is not named "Laughing Out Loud" instead of "Thinking Out Loud" is beyond my limited understanding...

    If you're pretty hot with an e-Guitar, are available now, and can hold a tune while Laughing & Playing Out Loud, then "Thinking Out Loud" would like to hear from you! Email

  3. "Very Personal" CD by Ip Kee May

    coffeehouse_gig.jpg"Lamma-Oldster" Kee May's second CD, "Very Personal", was recorded at her Lamma home just a few years ago.

    : "Listen carefully and you can hear birds singing in the background on "A Love Song" and dog (that was Lucky) barking on 'Naam Paang Yau'":

    Read her (we)blog about a life in exile in Canada, where "a mother is a necessity in all inventions", and enjoy her beautiful, lovely voice:

  4. Orgasm Birds @ Birdos Anonymous

    Do you know how an orgasm bird sounds?

    bbchris: "It starts with low 'woohs' then ends up into a piercing screech." (male & female Koel on right)

    Would you also love to know how the following Lamma birds look & sound like?

    zep: "Chinese bulbul, black-eared kite, Chinese pond heron, little egret, magpie robin, night heron, spotted dove, tree sparrow, magpie and white-breasted waterhen."

    Join our experts online at Alcoholics Anonymous, eh, Birdos Anonymous:

  5. Nick the Bookman & DJ & Concert Critic

    Did you know that our Lamma icon & Unofficial Mayor is also a passionate hobby DJ and concert critic? If you want to listen to one of the "Made on Lamma" CDs with his funky'n'wild "Nixmixes", let him know!

    Yes, on the left we dicovered a very rare & precious photo of a beard-less Nick, about 10 years ago! I'm building a website for Nick right now, won and donated by his old friend k@ in our recent competition.

    Here's an early teaser of the "psychedelic as hell" things to come:
    a very funny concert review of a R.E.M concert:

  6. Lamma Fun Day, Dec 8

    The yearly Lamma Fun Day is looking for sponsors & helpers.
    Mr Tough: "If you can help with money, products or services that could raise funds, please contact us.":

  7. "Have you been living on Lamma long time?"

    e's story about a "rather drunken gweilo gentleman", making a public nuisance and loitering around suspiciously, started an interesting discussion on police patrol schedules and "ramblers".

    The real Lamma Police told e:
    "since u've lived here quite some time, u should know that the westerners are often drunk like this."

    Should we let such a frivolous (but true?) accusation stand?

  8. Dogs, Cats & Children in Danger!

    webdog: "Poison is being illegally laid all around our community. Dogs and cats are dying - who is next?"
    "During the festivals, poison is put in the food offerings on graves to deter animals from eating it. Strong poisons are also put down twice a year to keep back local vegetation before the rains."
    bbchris: "In the past, Hendrix (one of our dogs) was poisoned six times. Bo the cat died horribly from poisoning. It's a very painful way for cats to die.
    Keep your dogs/cats well-fed."

    Learn all about these grave dangers at the info & garage sale stand of the Lamma Animal Protection on Sunday, 27 Oct, from 9:30am, in front of Scorpio Business Centre in Sha Po:

    Next week:

    Lamma Photo Contest!
    Photos for the Ultimate Bar & Restaurant Guide
    Hallo-weed on Lamma Island  (see photo. Guess who?)
    A few words from all our moderators!
    Webdog's wedding reception
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