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My Lamma e-zine #8  (Fri, Oct 18, 2002)

Miss & Nick the Bookman!


My Lamma e-zine #8  (Oct 18, 2002)

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  1. Winners of our Coolest Online Identity competition!
  2. Best (and worst) Lamma restaurants: your reviews!
  3. Weblog: "Watching Lamma Passing By..."
  4. Calvin & Hobbes & Hawking
  5. LammaNetPolice and his police(web)dog
  6. Heated debate on invading Iraq
  7. Broadband - advice needed
  8. Your cast-offs could save lives!

        Greetings to the "nicest, brightest and coolest people on and off Lamma"!

        So many of you have been joining recently (about 4 daily on average), it's been keeping us website administrators and moderators very busy!
        New this week: Winners of our big competition, restaurant reviews & polls, new Lamma stories, advice on Broadband and... cosmology!

        Send us your events for our Events Calendar, we'll promote them online for free!

        Stop by on when you have a few minutes and say Hi! to "new babe" who's just moved to Lamma and is wondering "how to become part of Lamma?". Let's welcome her in style:

        Read nicely formatted, printable versions of our e-zines, with pictures:


        e: thanks ah-gung, for squeezing tim-tam in this week's e-zine. mr 3 says thanks too but sneered at being labeled as a "pet". mr 3 regards himself as "man of the house"!
        Mr Tough: "I like the new e-zine - it reads well and is carefully designed to lead people to the board - good job".
        bbChris: "Thanks for letting me take part in the competition! It was fun and exciting and a great thing for you to organise, Lamma-gung! You sweetheart for giving out such fabulous prizes."

        Let's wrap up this section before I start to blush... Where's the flood of negative e-mails??? Oh yes, we had ONE member unsubscribe from this e-zine so far, but no reason given...

        Send "E-MAILS TO THE EDITOR" to

        Cheers from Lamma-Gung (who'd also like to be a winner someday!)

  1. Winners of our Coolest Online Identity competition!

    1st prize: k@, our Lamma Oldster from Cheshire, UK.

    2nd prize: bbChris, our very own Miss,
    crowned just last week!
    She might tear out all her beautiful red-streaked hair now, disappointed about not winning 1st prize!
    Then she could enter our on-going "Baldy Heads" competition:


    k@ is donating his first prize to his old friend Nick, making him the winner!

    What a noble gesture after a very fierce and often dirty battle, including allegations of attempted vote-buying, sneaky double-voting, blatant bribery and a female contestant's offer to show her "boobies" to voters:

    But k@'s many loyal online friends stood by him, voting for him in droves, like "Richie Rat", a "man of great discernment obviously" proclaiming publicly that "k@ is The Coolest of the Cool!!!".

    Read k@'s hilarious Acceptance Speech:

    The 1st prize is a professional website, donated to Nick, who still doesn't own a computer and is not online (yet!). He wants it to be "psychedelic as Hell!" The website will be designed & built by Lamma-Gung who's sponsoring the five prizes for this competition.

    By the way, Nick's mum's birthday is tomorrow, Sat, Oct 19. Don't forget to congratulate her when stopping by at his "open-air book shop" on Main Street or online here:

    These are a few of the "Honorably mentioned" entries:

  2. Best (and worst) Lamma restaurants: your reviews!

    New independent Lamma Eat&Drink directory with brutally honest reviews & ratings:

  3. Weblog: "Watching Lamma Passing By..."

    Sitting in a restaurant on Main Street on a Sunday afternoon, Lamma-Gung takes notes on his PDA while watching Lamma passing by, especially the "colorful" hordes of weekend visitors:

  4. Calvin & Hobbes & Hawking

    This must definitely be the weirdest & zaniest new discussion of the week:
    Meandering from the mental age of the moderator (six and a half),

    to humans' purpose in life (according to Hobbes: "Tiger food"),
    to an extinct space-faring jellyfish civilisation,
    to k@'s "universe as a giant doughnut" theory,
    to the latest cosmology theory, called M-Theory, or the Big Splat,
    to the physics of Star Trek and Romulan spies,

    then back to Nick the Bookman and his powerful "farts after a particularly nasty curry":

  5. LammaNetPolice and his police(web)dog

    Mr. LammaNetPolice, our headliner from last week, a "lonely bachelor in high risk profession" is looking for someone special with "an enthusiasm for firearms and crowd control techniques".

    The usually stern and righteous law enforcer is looking for more than "a short term dalliance, a brief passionate fling", but for "a meaningful long term relationship, including possibly, starting a family?".

    Do YOU like men in uniform?

  6. Heated debate on invading Iraq

    Our debate on wether the US should disregard the UN and attack Iraq has become passionate,
    with proud-to-be-patriotic Americans weighing in, plus loads of fiery anti-Bush sentiments.

    AutumnAuburn: "Why are humans so terrible? Rape, pillage, burn, destroy the Earth, conquer all...
    It makes me sick.":

  7. Broadband - advice needed

    Comparing service providers PCCW and So-net, their prices, customer support and some user experiences, good and bad:

  8. Your cast-offs could save lives!

    e: "Lamma Animal Protection is having a SALE & INFORMATION STALL on Sunday, 27th October outside the Scorpio Business Centre in Sha Po, Yung Shue Wan.

    Please do an autumn clean-out of your dark corners and donate your cast-offs and any unwanted goods!

    Please leave a message at 2982-4018 to arrange delivery and to volunteer to help!"

    Next week:

    Dickstock, Oct 26
    Lamma's Dogs, Cats & Children Are in Danger!
    Alice in Wonderland (Internet version)
    Have you been living on Lamma long time?
    Lamma Fun Day, Dec 8
    Orgasm Birds @ Birdos Anonymous