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My Lamma e-zine #6  (Fri, Oct 4, 2002)


Hippies & Yuppies
Mosquitoes & Chinchillas!


My Lamma e-zine #6  (Fri, Oct 4, 2002)

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  1. "Hippy Haven or Yuppie Ghetto?"
  2. "Gweilo go home!"
  3. Worried about Dengue fever?
  4. "Should the US disregard the UN and attack Iraq?"
  5. "The Abandoned 5" are now "The Ulrik 4"
  6. Coolest Online Identity poll going wild!
  7. "Two hot and horny chinchillas"
  8. "Gravity Pockets, Hippie Film Buffs & Avatars"

          Hello from Lamma-Gung,

          Let's touch on more controversial & sensitive subjects in this week's e-zine:

        Lamma Island, a favourite of Hippies & Yuppies?, Dengue fever, "Gweilo go home!", abandoned dogs and, last but not least, Iraq.

        But let's not forget our usual unusual mix of serious AND silly topics by mentioning Gravity Pockets, our Coolest Online Identity poll, horny chinchillas, adventurous ladies and Hippie film buffs.
No getting away from Hippies this week...

          Read a nicely formatted, printable version with pictures of this and past e-zines:

        Instead of me rambling on as usual, let our readers do the talking:
our very first "E-MAILS TO THE EDITOR" section, just a few quotes for now:

          Henry: "nice to read"
          Craig: "YOU ROCK DUDE"
          webdog: "your work is getting better and better."
          Aaron: "This is fantastic! Please add me to your mailing list.
            Your newsletter really makes me miss Lamma."
          bbchris: "Wow! You've got great enthusiasm! I love it."

        Where are the negative e-mails? None received so far! Want to be the first to rant? Fire away!
Two improvement suggestions from a reader have been used in this e-zine already. Submit yours!
As always, send "E-MAILS TO THE EDITOR" to

        Cheers from Hippy-cum-Yuppie Lamma Ah-Gung

  1. "Hippy Haven or Yuppie Ghetto?"

    Do you remember this title and the YSW Main Street graphics in the SCM Post Magazine a few months ago, with many footnotes describing YSW in a funny, but not very flattering light?

    Quoting from the SCM Post Magazine:
    "Tree-huggers are in the minority these days, but just enough yin-yang face painting, humour-less energy-channelling and daft bongo-bashing ensures Lamma remains worthy of a giggle."

    We've made a clickable online version of this graphics, ready for you to add YOUR OWN snide and ironical comments!

  2. "Gweilo go home!"

    Our on-going, online discussion about the "Standoff on Lamma" TVB Pearl Report took a very unexpected anti-Gweilo turn.

    But it soon turned into "
    fleas fighting to say who owns the dog!",
    then to "Make love, not war!", in true Lamma-style:

  3. Worried about Dengue fever?

    Do you want "to improve your killing result" by playing tennis with mosquitoes?

    Check out the "KDO III Fly and Mosquito Killing Bat", which "does not radiate harmfully and smell badly":

  4. "Should the US disregard the UN and attack Iraq?"

    webdog: "Iraq didn't blow up the World Trade Centre
    and Iraq has no remote way of threatening USA security."
    bbchris: "I personally think it's about oil and power that Bush is on this 'Invade Iraq' stance."

  5. "The Abandoned 5" are now "The Ulrik 4"

    e: "Four older dogs living in Po Wah Yuen were abandoned because the owner left Hong Kong and left the dogs in his rent-not-paid apartment."

    They are all friendly, fun and well-behaved. Adopt one!

  6. Coolest Online Identity poll going wild!

    Vote for your favorite! Which Online Identity do you like best?

    The deadline of the competition has passed. The poll to find the winners has just begun and turned into a fierce head-to-head race already between k@ and bbchris:

  7. "Two hot and horny chinchillas"

    The lonesome pair is finally getting closer to finding mates to mate with.

    Check out our HOT! Personals for humans AND animals:

  8. "Gravity Pockets, Hippie Film Buffs & Avatars"

    Our "Lamma Oldster" k@'s nine lives must be running out soon,
    as he enjoys teasing people way too much!

    Check out his latest cute antics and his itchy claws, always ready for attack:

    plus his latest & greatest: a detailed explanation on how to make your Avatar:

    plus his
    sexy Avatars for "adventurous young ladies" in our Avatar Gallery:

    Next week:

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    Silicon Valley Lamma
    Watching Lamma Passing By...
    MAX! 2002 Film Festival
    New independent Lamma Eat&Drink directory with photos & reviews!