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My Lamma e-zine  (#2, Thu, Sep 5, 2002)

Can Dan's win by a landslide?


My Lamma e-zine (#2, Sep 5, 2002)


(1) Poll for "Which is the best pub in Yung Shu Wan"


k@ said, "When everyone who drinks at Dan's has sobered up long enough to vote, Dan's will win by a landslide. Please extend this poll for another two or three years and you will soon see what's what. "


Obviously this lot voting for other pubs only drink shandy and actually get up for work in the morning or something. Pah!


Click here if you agree or DON'T!



(2) A Petition to have Late Ferries Back To Yung Shue Wan


While bbchris is stilling digging her letter. Show your support by leaving a support message:



(3) Fancy


For a mere $30/month, or $300/year, click here:



(4) I'm looking for .... a skull?!


k@ said "Has anyone seen one kicking around? If so send it to me. Thanks. Dosh available for good unwanted skull."



(5) News & Gossip


Other good places for bonking drunken women are rumoured to be...



(6) Jobs Wanted


No post in this topic. That means we have no unemployment problem on Lamma! That should please our Mr. Tung!!!!