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My Lamma e-zine  (#1, Wed, Sep 4, 2002)

Thanks for joining


My Lamma e-zine (#1, Sep 4, 2002)

Hi buddies,

This is webdog, the Site Administrator of My Lamma, and this is our first mass e-mail to all registered members of My Lamma started out as a hobby project, but the idea of making a website for the Lamma Island community has been brewing in my head for quite a while.

I moved to Lamma less than one year ago, but before that my wife and I were already spending almost every weekend on Lamma. When I took a job in Sheung Wan, we moved to Lamma permanently and we've never regretted it so far!


The My Lamma website has been online for only a little over a month now, but the response has exceeded my wildest expectations! We have only 56 registered members so far, but many more unregistered guests, on average more than 50 different visitors per day, generating over 2,700 hits.


With the help of our team of great talents: Lamma-Gung, bbchris, Claire Powell, and many others, I believe this site could soon become THE most influential media for the island! Here I find the sense of community and union that can be found nowhere else in Hong Kong. I hope this website would contribute to make this great place even greater!


Let's hear a few words from our moderators:



Bbchris, our resident "Classy Rock Goddess" is calling all musicians to come forth and blow their trumpet on the MY LAMMA Bulletin Board's MUSIC section. She wants to know your gigs, your music and the whereabouts of the Human Jukebox.


Claire Powell:

Hi, users,

Whether you live on Lamma or not, you will have heard about Dragon Boating. On Lamma, we have a brilliant, fun and very successful team, called the "Happy Dragons". We take our training and racing seriously, but we also know how to play, drink, sing and have fun! We're very successful, because as everyone knows... Lamma Dragons are the best, we have won numerous trophies. When passing by the Island Bar, just take a look at our mass of silver and glass ware.


If you would like to join either our men's or ladies' team and become one of the champions, please come to chat to us on, in the "Lamma Dragons" forum, our Very Own Chat Room!

See you there!



Assisting webdog as the "Site Admin Deputy" has been so much fun and a really creative challenge. Developing websites & e-Marketing in my home office in YSW can be a lonely job sometimes, but many of the fun-loving, smart and friendly people of My Lamma are just a mouse-click away. I've even met my wife while chatting on the Internet 17 years ago, moving to HK to be with her...

I've become a real new Lamma fan, being inspired to create photo calendars, computer graphics, Avatars and even a Lamma Blog (Web log). Show and tell us what Lamma inspires YOU to!


WIN great prizes in our Best Online Identity competition!

GRAB a free Wine Set for a movie review!

VOTE in our many polls and get active in good causes!

POST your ads, promotions, jobs and personals!

SHARE your best Lamma links, stories, gossip, news and photos!

START posting even more messages and invite all your friends!