My Lamma Weekly E-zine
#15 (Funday issue)

Send us your Photos!

We've launched a Photo Contest for Lamma-related photos!
Enter now, win BIG PRIZES:  Meals, booze, home pages, appliances, feature in 2003 Lamma-rama calendar, public exhibition!

Pedestrians vs. Reckless Bikers!

Are bikers & Village Vehicles endangering pedestrians with their reckless driving? Or vice versa? Let us know YOUR opinions!

Sex Poll

New survey on Lamma sex habits!

Join in!

Lamma Services Directory

Can YOU fix PC problems or anything around the house, move flats, design home pages, provide fitness & health services, baby-sit or cater parties?

List yourself in our Services Directory and find paying clients quickly!
Or find jobs in our WORK forum!

Bars & Restaurants
(Reviews & Ratings)

Photos & contact details of Lamma bars/restaurants!

Rate & discuss your favorites!

Post your opinions & ratings, from good to bad!

Real Romance in a Virtual World

How Lamma-Gung met Lamma-Poh on the Internet & moved to HK 15 years ago, long before the WWW!

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