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#19  (Sat, Feb 15, 2003)

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Supplement to "My Lamma E-zine" #19  (Sat, Feb 15, 2003)

Mr. Bastard or Tycoon?



Here's the first installment in our new series of interviews with "Laudable Lamma Luminaries":


Dan the Bastard!

I've nicknamed him Mr., the "mastermind" (and Tycoon?) behind the steadily expanding "DanKwaiFong" empire of Lamma Gourmet, billiard hall, Aroy Thai bar, restaurant, coffee shop, plus a future, upcoming-soon website!

Someday he might take over Bookworm Café, turning it into a steakhouse, you never know!


He's been called "King Pubster, Prince of Punk and Champion of the Neckless Ones" and "our very eminent cheese supplier and advancer of male leg fashion" (see above and right) by his friends.


His punk rock band "The Bastards" has been playing for 12.5 years now, probably the oldest still active band on Lamma, starring at almost all DickStocks so far! His pub (nicknamed "Dan's") is THE most popular bar on Lamma, according to our long-running voting!


A really worthy long-time "Laudable Lamma Luminary", wouldn't you agree?


Here's a brand-new caricature by Dan's friend, The Stick Insect Hunter, drawn on request for this story. Spitting image, no?


(to be continued...)